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Polish bank begins using a blockchainbased document management system

Dow Jones said that Google was buying Apple and the bots bought it

France takes legal action against Apple and Google for their app stores

With huge new 450M funding round Snowflake Computing has now raised almost 1 billion

3D Printed Reflector Improves WiFi Signal and Security in Interior Spaces

iOS 13: Here are the new security and privacy features you mightve missed

Khashoggis fate shows the flip side of the surveillance state

As Kubernetes grows a startup ecosystem develops in its wake

ANGLR raises 33 million to create a Fitbit for fishing

The Freewrite Traveler offers distractionfree writing for the road

Epic Games the creator of Fortnite banked a 3 billion profit in 2018

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Red Hat donates a key opensource Kubernetes tool to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Arm chips with Nvidia AI could change the Internet of Things

Chinese internet giant Tencent suffers a rare profit drop

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Helm an opensource project for managing Kubernetes apps gets its own home inside the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Will Amazon buy Etsy Kohls or the Seahawks GeekWire predicts the tech giants next big deals

Google has acquired one of Indias most popular train tracking apps

Why your CSO not your CMO should pitch your security startup

Kaptivo looks to digitally transform the lowly whiteboard

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Apple said to be working on AR headset aimed for potential 2020 ship date

The challenges of truly embracing cloud native

Rigetti launches the public beta of its Quantum Cloud Services

The good news and bad news of HPs new AMD Chromebook

Twitter shares are skyrocketing after it says it might finally make money soon

Blockchain engineers are in demand

Amazon Prime Video finally lands on Apple TV

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Microsoft plans to support Carnegie Mellons edge computing research with hardware Azure services

Apple doubles down on book creation with iPad app

Portlands Megh Computing raises 175M to help companies use flexible chips for realtime data processing

Spotinst announces strategic partnership with AWS

Key cloud tech group behind Kubernetes declares a second project cloud monitoring software Prometheus ready for prime time

Google might bring Nest back into its own hardware business

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018 dives deep into artificial intelligence and machine learning

Twitter moves to ban crypto ads

Rescale reels in 32 million Series B to bring high performance computing to cloud

PureSec exits stealth to secure serverless code

DeepCode cleans your code with the power of AI

Sonatype raises 80 million to build out Nexus platform

Samsungs Galaxy S9 wants to turn the camera into a new home screen

Bannersnack makes it easy to punch the monkey and more

The quantum computing apocalypse is imminent

Soloio raises 11M to help enterprises adopt cloudnative technologies

GM Cruise snags Dropbox HR head to hire 1000 engineers by the end of the year

Xiaomi posts 21B profit in its first quarter as a public company

Mobile Edge Computing Market: Demand for HD Likely to Catalyze Market Growth

A Twitter employee groomed by the Saudi government prompted 2015 statesponsored hacking warning