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The startup community is seriously sweating a stock option provision of the Senate tax bill

Samsungs AR Emoji taps creepy avatars and Disney characters to compete with Animoji

Is Americas national security Facebook and Googles problem

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A new senate bill would create a US data protection agency

Small rocket launch startup Firefly teams up with Aerojet Rocketdyne

The United States needs a Department of Cybersecurity

A Senate proposal for a new US agency to protect Americans data is back

Lawmakers will grill Snap TikTok and YouTube on kids and safety tomorrow

LGs V50 ThinQ comes with 5G and an optional secondary display

Proposed bill would forbid big tech platforms from using dark pattern design

Techs top CEOs will face Congress in antitrust hearing now set for Wednesday

Mobile World Congress postponed because of COVID19

Report: Bill Gates promises to add his own billions if Congress helps with his nuclear power push

Facebook and Google head back to Congress for hearing on white nationalism

Congress needs your input but dont call it crowdsourcing

Americas largest companies push for federal online privacy laws to circumvent state regulatory efforts

New legislation aims to prepare American infrastructure for Internet of Things explosion

Lawmakers press Instagram for details on its plans for kids

At the Google hearing Congress proves they still have no idea how the internet works

To curb lobbying power Elizabeth Warren wants to reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment

MWC plans to go forward in person in 2021 but pushes show back to lateJune

In antitrust hearing Zuckerberg admits Facebook has copied its competition

Mark Zuckerberg to Congress: Someone not me will be in touch

AI will create new jobs but skills must shift say tech giants

Google CEO set to testify in front of Congress on Dec 5

Legged lunar rover startup Spacebit taps Latin American partners for Moon mission

Samsungs MWC event will be about the future of smartwatches

Google CEO Sundar Pichai pressed on bias and China search engine on Capitol Hill

DEEPFAKES Accountability Act would impose unenforceable rules but its a start

Reset Button is approaching student debt from a new angle

Chrome extension also sends your tweets to Congress

Equity Monday: Apples privacy flap continues as crypto regulation looms

Sen Wyden proposes limits on exportation of Americans personal data

Why a 95 million bill to study techs effects on kids might actually pass this time

Another day another US company forced to divest of Chinese investors

Huaweis Mate X is the most promising foldable phone yet

Fundamentally altering antitrust laws will harm US startups and slow the economy

Zimbabwes government faces off against its tech community over internet restrictions

The next big tech hearing is scheduled for October 28

Washington hit China hard on tech influence this week

CFIUS Cometh: What this Obscure Agency Does and Why It Matters to Your Fund or Startup

Microsoft pitched its facial recognition tech to the DEA new emails show

How businesstobusiness startups reduce inequality

Senate votes down ban on spying on internet history without a warrant

A new Senate bill would totally upend Apple and Googles app store dominance

How the 2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package impacts startups

Bipartisan bill seeks to regulate political ads on Facebook Twitter and Google

The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes in purple and people dont know how to feel