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Consumer Electronics Market: Rapid Pace of Development of Innovative Products to Drive Market

3 views on CES 2022

Baidu debuts Apollo 20 its latest open selfdriving platform

Apple apologizes for not telling customers iPhones with older batteries would slow over time

Nomagic picks up 22M for its ecommerce warehouse picking robots

Extra Crunch roundup: Unpacking BuzzFeeds SPAC curb your meeting enthusiasm more

Your smartphone may soon pack 1TB in storage thanks to Samsungs new memory chip

The new Light Phone 2 keeps things basic but adds eink and essentials

Security flaws found in popular EV chargers

Aptivs selfdriving cars have given 100000 paid rides on the Lyft app

Ecommerce aggregator Merama gets its horn after just 12 months in business

Field Programmable Gate Array Market is estimated to grow at 57 CAGR to reach 668 billion by 2023

Cubbo aims to be Latin Americas next ecommerce fulfillment leader

Samsungs Galaxy S9 is the way to wean yourself off of DSLRs

Fli Charge Technology acquired by Birch Lake to accelerate a wireless future

PanAfrican etailer Jumia grows 3Q revenue epayments and losses

Grover grabs 330M to double down on the circular economy with consumer electronics subscriptions

Upsie nabs 5M to build a directtoconsumer warranty service

Battery tech startup Sila Nano lands 45 million and Tesla veteran Kurt Kelty

A startups guide to CES

Byton has added yet another screen to its upcoming allelectric MByte SUV

HTC is gone

Byton is launching an app developer program for its MByte electric SUV

Sharp will resume selling its smart TVs in the US this year

California passes law that bans default passwords in connected devices

Consumer Electronics Packaging Market Emerging Growth Factors Analysis of Leading Players by 2025

Samsungs Galaxy S9 wants to turn the camera into a new home screen

DWS Introducing Several New SLA 3D Printers at CES 2018 as North American Expansion Ramps Up

The Sonos Beam is the soundbar evolved

Amazon expands its Sidewalk IoT network with an enterprisegrade bridge

Astranis reaches key milestone with MicroGEO communication satellite aims for service to begin next summer

Byton enlists ViacomCBS Accuweather Xperi and more to take on Teslas incar entertainment

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Interview with Outlook product chief comic convention and more

Intel and Mobileye partner with Chinas SAIC on selfdriving

Lets talk hardware in Vegas

Microsoft tapped to power allvirtual CES 2021 after learning on its own largescale digital events

Samsung turns to Harman to further SmartThings development

Perfect Your Pitch to Exceed Your Crowdfunding Campaign Goal

Upsies directtoconsumer swing at the warranty space nets 182M

Sextech company scorned by CES scores 2M and an apology

Scientists make a touch tablet that rolls and scrolls

Sony just announced a car

Delta Air Lines shows off its smarter travel app an exoskeleton and more at CES

OEM and ODM Services for Consumer Electronics Market Growing Massively by 20212027 Major Players HONHAI Pegtron Quanta

Seattle startup Lubn wins CES Innovation Award for smart key box

Would you ditch your smartphone for Teracube Tech vets offer sustainable affordable alternative

Audi spins out Holoride to put VR in every car

Samsung Galaxy S9 to be announced in February

Impossible adds ground pork and sausages to its lineup of plantbased foods

Improving sound for hardware giants Swedens Dirac finds its niche in China