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Led by Stellar cofounder Joyce Kim SparkChain Capital is a new 100M fund for blockchain and cryptocurrency startups

Fujitsu built a blockchain that blockchainifies other blockchains

New bank who dis Lifestylefocused neobank Cogni pivots to web3

Unocoin launches UNODAX an exchange for active traders

Of course Chinas forgotten social network is doing an ICO

TechCrunch roundup: Psychedelic biotech Gogoros SPAC H1Bs for Ukrainians

Crypto asset management platform Cobo bags 40M Series B

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Does the NFT craze actually matter

How Change cofounders brainstormed their way into entrepreneurship

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Crypto exchange Gemini executes second round of layoffs less than two months after axing 10 of staff

TicketMaster discovers blockchain buys Ethereumpowered app

How to see another companys growth tactics and try them yourself

CeFi and DeFi in the face of regulation

Crypto volatility continues to flummox Wall Street

Committed to privacy Snips founder wants to take on Alexa and Google with blockchain

Longserving cryptocurrency exchange forced offline hackers blamed

Sorry Jack you can send ETH tips via Twitter now

Tips To Start a Business in Crypto Currencies Industry

Bitcoin startups remain undercapitalized as funding drought drags on

OP3N raises 28M to build WhatsApp meets Amazon for web3

Desist from facilitating trade in crypto assets Uganda warns banks fintechs

If Instagram and Yelp had a blockchainbaby it would be this app for foodies

Join the Hard Fork ICO: Buy tickets to TNW Conference and make a profit

Gearing up for demo day

With 417K EOS accounts for twothirds of all cryptocurrency bug bounties in 2018

Amazon is adding a Venmo checkout option next year

Web3 digital identity startup Unstoppable Domains said to seek funding at 1 billion valuation

Crypto startup Pillow backed by Accel and Quona to discontinue all services

Rails launches with 62M round for its decentralized FTX alternative

Open Garden wants to give you tokens for sharing your Internet connection

Unlocking inclusion for women of color in web3

GitGuardian raises 12M to help developers write more secure code and fix GitHub leaks

Why Tokenized Securities May Well Lower the Barrier to Entry for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to YC and Apple week

MasterCard wants to make electronic payments anonymous with blockchain

Bitcoin has officially abandoned its claims for fast transactions at low fees for now

Opera brings a flurry of crypto features to its Android mobile browser

Whats a crypto exchange worth

Are megafunds squeezing out small VCs and distorting the seed market

Bitcoin falls below 20000 and Ethereum sinks past 1000 as crypto market free fall continues

Japan gives Ripple and SBI the green light to launch new payment app

Tensor raises 3M for Solanafocused NFT trading platform

Baidu launches its own CryptoKitties copycat that wont break Ethereum

Indias central bank admits it banned cryptocurrencies without ever researching them

Dont tweet about ASS

Blockchain startups RepuX and JoyToken pull exit scam after raising 8M in ICOs

Masa Finance gets 35M preseed to build its decentralized credit protocol

Why your CSO not your CMO should pitch your security startup