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The future of Ethereum looks bright

NYSE operators crypto project Bakkt brings in 182M

The Bitcoin community reacts to crash

Opera brings a flurry of crypto features to its Android mobile browser

Knotel acquires 42Floors in order to build the blockchain of property

Bitcoin conference stops accepting bitcoin for tickets oh the irony

Twitter those verified bitcoinpushing pillocks are pissing everyone off

Pure Bit a South Korean exchange pulls a 28 million exit scam

Coinbase hires Fannie Mae exec Brian Brooks as chief legal officer

Proof of Capital is a new 50M blockchain fund thats backed by HTC

Israeli serial startup stars of blockchain tech return with QEDit a zeroknowledge proof diligence tool

The Coinmine One is a box that mines crypto at home

MetaCerts Cryptonite can catch phishing links in your email

The UK and USA need to extend their special relationship to technology development

Okta unveils 50M inhouse venture capital fund

Digital Garage teams up with Blockstream to develop blockchain financial services in Japan

Proxeus wants to be the WordPress of blockchain

Researchers find that one person likely drove Bitcoin from 150 to 1000

Steemit cryptos answer to Reddit gets a new boss to rebuild after widespread layoffs

Overstock and Coinbase briefly mixed up Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Everledgers Kemp and Omises Hasegawa join TC Blockchain

Twitter moves to ban crypto ads

Blockchain Market in Supply Chain is expected to reach 42424 million by 2023 with a CAGR of 4837

It looks like Coinbase is preparing to add a lot more cryptocurrencies

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Peep the future of distributed ledgers with the leaders of Hyperledger Parity Technologies and Tradeshift

CoinBits launches as a passive investment app for bitcoin

John Oliver helps you explain cryptocurrencies to your neighbor

Comcast Ventures is betting on blockchain technologies in 2018

The quantum meltdown of encryption

Cryptocurrency ad bans are a step in the right direction

Overstocks CEO launches new trading platform and token tZero

Coinbases Brian Armstrong: Id love to run a public company

Human sequencing pioneer George Church wants to give you the power to sell your DNA on the blockchain

Ethereums price surpasses 700 in another astonishing cryptorally

Its the end of crypto as we know it and I feel fine

Amun raises 4M to give stocklike buying options for crypto investors

Atrium Justin Kans legal tech startup launches a fintech and blockchain division

Metacert Cryptonite can catch phishing links in your email

AWS opens up its managed blockchain as a service to everybody

Coinstar machines will start selling Bitcoin at the grocery store

China is capable of destabilizing or destroying Bitcoin new research suggests

IBM is using the blockchain to speed up and simplify crossborder payments

Guardian Circle upgrades with a decentralized alert network

Monetizing computing resources on the blockchain

Bitcoin Cash skyrockets in value after Coinbase adds support

Minds the blockchainbased social network grabs a 6M Series A

David Sackss new startup wants make it safer for oldguard industries to jump into crypto

DLab is a new East Coast accelerator for crypto

Bitcoins competitors are also at alltime highs 8212 and rising fast