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Bitcoin price dives below 12000 down 40 from last weeks highs

Digital Garage teams up with Blockstream to develop blockchain financial services in Japan

ICOs are becoming funds

More than half of crypto news sites are payforplay

Human sequencing pioneer George Church wants to give you the power to sell your DNA on the blockchain

Bag Week 2018: The Bitcoin Genesis Block backpack will centralize your belongings

Coinbase abandons its cautious approach with plan to list up to 30 new cryptocurrencies

Atrium Justin Kans legal tech startup launches a fintech and blockchain division

DLab is a new East Coast accelerator for crypto

David Sackss new startup wants make it safer for oldguard industries to jump into crypto

Comcast Ventures is betting on blockchain technologies in 2018

The Hack Fund will use crypto to give startups early liquidity

Grainchain a blockchainbased platform for commodity sales launches in Mexico

Opera brings a flurry of crypto features to its Android mobile browser

David Sackss new startup wants to make it safer for oldguard industries to jump into crypto

Japanese internet giant Recruit has a new 25M blockchain fund

Metacert Cryptonite can catch phishing links in your email

Blockchain media project Civil turns to Asia with fund to kickstart 100 new media ventures

These startups are locating in SF and Africa to win in global fintech

It looks like Coinbase is preparing to add a lot more cryptocurrencies

Ethereum falls after rumors of a powerful mining chip surface

Coinstar machines will start selling Bitcoin at the grocery store

Overstocks CEO launches new trading platform and token tZero

Twitter those verified bitcoinpushing pillocks are pissing everyone off

Guardian Circle upgrades with a decentralized alert network

Bitcoin rollercoaster continues as price dives below 10000

Starting with data centers Carbon Relay is slashing energy costs and emissions using AI

TMGcore is running highefficiency crypto mines in Texas

Two global investors will talk token sales at Disrupt Berlin

Apple bans cryptomining apps from App Store to protect your battery life

Build your own token sale with CoinLaunchs CoinCreator

MetaCert can catch phishing links in your email

Coinme reels in 15M to grow cryptocurrency ATM network

John Oliver helps you explain cryptocurrencies to your neighbor

MindBodyowned FitMetrix exposed millions of user records thanks to servers without passwords

Everledgers Kemp and Omises Hasegawa join TC Blockchain

Korean internet giant Kakao is launching a blockchain company

Sagewise pitches a service to verify claims and arbitrate disputes over blockchain transactions

MetaCerts Cryptonite can catch phishing links in your email

Polish bank begins using a blockchainbased document management system

Bitcoin nears 10000 as total value of all cryptocurrencies surpasses 300 billion

Tech in 2017: Crazy troubled and out of control

Sponsored post: How to Profit from the Recent Crypto Carnage

Telegram plans multibillion dollar ICO for chat cryptocurrency

The collapse of ETH is inevitable

Malta paves the way for a decentralized stock exchange

SEC shuts down Munchee ICO

How to price cryptocurrencies

Winklevossled Gemini announces a selfregulatory group for crypto

Elk a blockchain dev board for decentralized IoT launches on Kickstarter