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Blockchain is our best bet against future hacks

Alibabas Jack Ma: Blockchain will be useless if it doesnt help the environment

Masterworks raises 110M to sell fractional shares of physical art not NFTs

Crypto company Anchorage raises 350 million at 3 billion valuation

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Unsplash raises 725M to bring cryptocurrency to its free curated photo platform

Apple Facebook and Warren Buffett: Heres the top 25 stocks for millennials

Alchemy which aims to be the de facto platform for developers to build on web3 is now valued at 102B

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4 things that concern Vitalik Buterin about moving Ethereum to ProofofStake

Digital Garage teams up with Blockstream to develop blockchain financial services in Japan

Fujitsu built a blockchain that blockchainifies other blockchains

Zuckerberg not Mark signs on to advise a major cryptocurrency exchange

MetaMask cofounder sees a developerled future for its crypto wallet

Using blockchain this company wants to make online gambling less of a gamble

Daily Crunch: Adobe snaps up Figma in proposed 20B deal that has some scratching their heads

The fact that we want blockchain to solve every problem is a problem

2018 is the year ICO companies become investors too

Anthony Levandowskis latest moonshot is a peertopeer telecom network powered by cryptocurrency

With 417K EOS accounts for twothirds of all cryptocurrency bug bounties in 2018

US: Allow tech giants to opt out of new global tax scheme or face tariffs

IOTA clarifies it has no formal partnership with Microsoft UPDATED

This startup wants to help traditional businesses effectively adopt blockchain

Binance hacked for over 40M worth of Bitcoin

5 Ways to Leverage Crypto to Scale Your Business

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The rise of the new crypto mafias

Lightning Network can be a real improvement to Bitcoin once it matures

Buzzy Ethereum wallet app Argent comes out of stealth

Ripple turns investor as execs lead 25M round for storage and rental startup Omni

1 in every 5 ICOs is phony WSJ study finds

Decentralized exchange Radar Relay raises 10 million

Vancouverbased CryptoKitties maker Dapper Labs raises 15M from Google and Samsung VC arms

A minor cryptocurrency partners with a major porn network What could go wrong

The Dogefather sends his regards

Meet SoundCloud rival Audius free antitakedowns

EU says GDPR will only be a problem for permissionless blockchains

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Compliance Is a Journey for Binance But It Doesnt Have to Be

Paritys Jutta Steiner says the future of blockchain is many chains working together

Moonday Mornings: Binance to give KYC hack victims VIP accounts

Tiger Global backs Indian crypto startup Coinswitch Kuber at over 500M valuation

New Ethereum token is backed by gold reserves guaranteed by Australian government

Unlocking inclusion for women of color in web3

Crypto bear markets are a great time to launch startups industry execs say

Ripples CTO thinks ProofofWork is a technological deadend but he does hold Bitcoin

Does venture capital need a shot in the arm

BlockFi just gathered up 50 million to lend to bitcoin and ethereum holders who dont want to cash out yet

PayPal is finally allowing users to move their cryptocurrency to other wallets

Cryptocurrency at the grocery store: Coinstar launches bitcoin purchasing feature at kiosks