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ICE used stingray cell phone snooping tech hundreds of times since 2017

Amazon Web Services pitched ICE on using its Rekognition facerecognition cloud service

KlearNow raises 16 million to bring customs clearance industry into the digital age

AMS 2020 Startup Competition: Simulation Software 3D Printed Bone Hospital Labs More

Tableau employees hold rally in Seattle ask leadership to sever ties with ICE and CBP

CBP does not make it clear Americans can opt out of airport face scanning watchdog says

CBP does not make it clear Americans can optout of airport face scanning watchdog says

Watchdog says face scanning at US airports is plagued with technical problems

Palantirs software was used for deportations documents show

3D Hubs 3D Printing Warehouses Introduce Quality Control and Reduced Risk

Salesforce reportedly wont cancel its contract with border agency despite employee petition

TLDR:Microsoft responds to separation of families at the border Alexa targets hotels GameStops potential buyout

Echodyne wins 20M contract for radar systems designed to watch US borders

A simple data analysis disproves the argument for building a border wall