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Organization Profile: Makerversity

3D Printing Combines with Other Technologies for Latest Energica Ego Component

Researchers Use Robotic Arm 3D Printing Process for Mold Fabrication

3D Printing of Headsets and RD Tax Credits

LulzBot Helps OtterBox Expand Its uniVERSE with Open Source 3D Printed Accessory Mounts

Verified Expert Brand Designer: Kristine Arth

After Successful Testing and Verification 3D Printed WAAMpeller is Introduced to the Public

3D Printing News Briefs: February 16 2018

LiDar and its Applications Part 3 MicroTopography

Farewell My Concubine: Designers 3D Print Beijing Opera Costumes

London All Girls Team to 3D Print Race Car for STEM Competition in Singapore

3D Printing Used to Develop the 5G Antennae of the Future

From Skygazing to 3D Models: Chandra Observatory Discoveries Can Be 3D Printed

Jewelry Manufacturing Digital Craftsmanship

Canadian Startup Uses Mass Customization Software Platform to Personalize 3D Printed Products

Hyperganic Raises 78M in First Venture Round for AIDriven 3D Printing

BigRep Combines Creativity and Functionality with 3D Printed Wheel Rims

QuasiSolidState 3D Printed Battery Features Improved Stability Density

3D Printing Industry Expert Interview: Alejandro Espinoza Orias

Wake Forest: In Situ 3D Printing of Tailored Skin Grafts a Possible Step Forward in Tissue Engineering

What is Metrology Part 8: Complex Analysis Optics and Metrology

3D Printed Milk Made Possible with Cold Extrusion Tech

3D Printed Connectors Make This Startups Sustainable Indoor Garden Grow

Interview with Liz Ciokajlo of OurOwnSkin on 3D Printing Footwear Natural Materials

Interview with Zach Kaplan of Corazon Capital mHUB and Inventables

3D Printing of Ski Gear and RD Tax Credits

Chanel Turns to Industrial 3D Printing to Develop the First 3D Printed Mascara Brush

Scientists 3D Print an Effective Terahertz Waveguide

ASTM Drives 3D Printing Standards via Investment into Eight Crucial Projects

LiDar and its Applications Part 2 DImensional Element Analysis

Re:Purpose for Good Pursues Several Good Causes at Once with 3D Printed Prosthetics Made from Recycled Plastic

Make:able Challenge: Design 3D Print Assistive Technology for the Disabled

Seattle Dad Recreates Harry Potters Diagon Alley at Home Complete with 3D Printed Props

Interview with Scott Schiller Global Head of Market Development at HP 3D Printing About Manufacturing Using 3D Printing

NodeAudio Achieves Unprecedented Audio Design with 3D Printed Speakers

Texas Tech Makerspace Group 3D Prints Prosthetic Hand for EightYearOld Spiderman Fan

CADEX Introduces Beta Version of CAD Exchanger Cloud 3D Software Service

Educational Initiatives Aim to Reduce Barriers Provide a Deeper Understanding of 3D Printing

3D Printing Studied as a Way to Produce Tooling for Injection Molding

KAIST Research Team Develops Innovative 3D Sketching Workflow

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3D Printing News Briefs: April 17 2018

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Lenovo Lends a 3D Printed Helping Hand to Children in Need of Prosthetics

New 3D Printed Board Game Allows Players to Battle Autocracy

College Students Compete to Bring Space 3D Printing to 2021 NASA MINDS Challenge

What is Metrology Part 3: Proto3000

Teaching the Future with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids Classroom

Collaboration and 3D Printing Streamline Boat Production

Ci3DP: 3D Printing with Chocolate Ink at Singapore University of Technology Design