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Fishy Filaments Hooks Investors Moves Forward with Recycled 3D Printer Filament from Fishing Nets

Re:Purpose for Good Pursues Several Good Causes at Once with 3D Printed Prosthetics Made from Recycled Plastic

University in India Inaugurates 3D and 4D Additive Manufacturing Course in Waste Management

3D Printing Material News: BigRep Releases Flexible Filament Army Researchers Using Recycled Plastic as 3D Printing Feedstock

Penn State Startup Trimatis LLC Hopes to Help the Planet with Recycled Filament

Natural PlantDerived Resins Used to Make Antibacterial 3D Printing Filament

Military Researchers Present Work on Recycled 3D Printing Material

Michigan Tech Researchers Publish Paper on New Recyclebot 3D Printer

3D Printing Comes to the Rescue in the Solomon Islands

3D4Makers and Perstorp Introduce Strong Smooth New Facilan C8 3D Printing Filament

3DXTECH Launches 3D Printing Filament Based on Arkema Kepstan PEKK at RAPID TCT

Dyze Design Introduces New 3D Printing Material Extruders the Typhoon and the Pulsar

3D Printing News Briefs: June 26 2018

Changing the Concept of Waste: Using Microfactories to Turn Trash Into 3D Printing Filament and Metal Alloys

3D Printing News Briefs: October 27 2017

Experiment Tests the Suitability of 3D Printing Materials for Creating Lab Equipment

Recycled Content of Filamentives 3D Printing Filaments in Accordance with ISO 14021 Standard

Is Flexible 3D Printer Filament Worth the Investment

Flexible 3D Printing Filaments