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3D Printing News Briefs: July 11 2019

Industry Expert Keynotes and Live Demonstrations to Highlight Upcoming Smart Manufacturing Experience

What is Metrology Part 4: Creaform

Reconstructing the Extinct Cave Lion through 3D Printing

Using 3D Technologies to Examine Rare Specimens of the Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

A New 3D Scanning Technology is now Live on Kickstarter Scoobe3D

3D Printing Keeps a Head on Dippy the Dinosaurs Shoulders

Bioprinting 101 Part 13 Imaging Technology

Researchers Use 3D Printing Scanning and Modeling to Make Customized Protective Gear for Field Hockey

Canadian Nuclear Station Using 3D Printing and Virtual Reality to Save Money and Promote Innovation

New 3D Printed Mask is Even Better at Fooling iPhone Xs Face ID

New Study Explores Techniques for 3D Printing Lipstick Applicators

What is Metrology Part 23 Error and Perception

Shining 3D Partners with Geomagic to Release 3D Scanning Reverse Engineering Solution

What is Metrology Part 13: Object Recognition

Brooks Runs Happy with Personalized HighPerformance Running Shoes

3D Printing News Briefs: July 24 2018

Classic Car Magazine 3D Scans and Restores Unique 1937 Ford Eifel With Help From Artec 3D

Robot Builds IKEA Furniture Using 3D Camera Grippers and Force Sensors

University of Montana: Analyzing Accuracy of 3D Printed Femurs for Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaelogy

Cyber Security Firm Uses a 3D Printed Mask to Fool iPhone Xs Facial Recognition Software

Researchers Use 3D Mapping to Measure Growth and Folding Patterns in PreTerm Babies Brains

IKEA Debuts 3D Printed Gaming Chair Prototype Developed in Collaboration with UNYQ and Area Academy

Fuel3D Showcases 3D Facial Recognition Technology at Goodwood Festival of Speed

3D Scanning Buying Guide 2019

3D Printing Interview with Bryan Crutchfield of Materialise

What is Metrology Part 2: FARO

What is Metrology Part 17: Antialiasing

3D Printing News Briefs: October 31 2018

What is Metrology Part 19 Moire Effect in 3D Printing

Enjoy 3D VirtualFurniture Shopping with the EinScan Pro 2X

FitStation 3D Technology Used to Create Personalized Running Shoes Based on Biomechanics

What is Metrology Part 15: Inverse Filtering

3Dcopysystems Introduces Its Big ALICE Full Body 3D Scanner to the New York Fashion Industry

A Look Into Some Movies That Have Used 3D Printed Props

What is Metrology Part 2: CMM

An Inexpensive Microchip and 3D Printing Take Ultrasound Machines from 2D to 3D

Giving Faces to the Unnamed Dead: Reconstructing the Identities of Bodies Found on USMexico Border with 3D Technologies

Stratasys VA Initiative Update: 3D Printed Orthotic Gives Veteran a Helping Hand

What is Metrology Part 18 Pixelation

Universities Partner to Develop Software for 3D Scanning Urban Infrastructure

What is Metrology Part 10: Certification

3Dflow Computer Vision Software

3D Printing News Briefs: February 6 2018

ScanPyramids Uses 3D Scanning and Virtual Reality to Provide Immersive Learning Experience

What is Metrology Part 6: Perceptron

Fovia Releases Versatile FAST Cloud Development

What is Metrology Part 3: Proto3000

HP Unveils CES Innovation Award Winner HP Z 3D Camera

Harrisburg University Researchers Working to 3D Print Collagen to Make Safer Less Expensive Skin Grafts