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Altaba to settle lawsuits relating to Yahoo data breach for 47 million

Facebook urged to make GDPR its baseline standard globally

Equity Monday: Hacks IPOs and the next generation of American tech giants

Nearly 22 million unique passwords leaked in Collection 1 data breach

Healthcare startup Lyfebin exposed medical images

Answers being sought from Facebook over latest data breach

Nearly 800000 applications for birth certificate copies exposed online for anyone to access

How Have I Been Pwned became the keeper of the internets biggest data breaches

Uber reveals 12 million customers affected by hack in one country alone

Another 22 million patients affected by AMCA data breach

MoviePass left customers credit card numbers exposed on unprotected server

Flipboard reveals data breach which left users details exposed

We Heart It says a data breach affected over 8 million accounts included emails and passwords

Twitter warns investors of possible fine from FTC consent order probe

Quora data breach results in 100 million users affected

Timehop discloses July 4 data breach affecting 21 million

Facebook bug gave developers access to photos you never meant to share

Sales engagement startup Apollo says its massive contacts database was stolen in a data breach

Absolutely humongous data breach exposes more than a billion records

Not even your Dunkin Donuts Perks account is safe from hackers

Marriott hack: Why do hotels collect passport data anyway

FedEx customer information exposed in data breach

Babylon Health admits software error led to patient data breach

More than a million Clubhouse users had their account info leaked online

Didnt know you had a Quora account The latest internet data breach appears to surprise many

Data breach exposes 16 million Washington state residents who filed unemployment claims in 2020

Why do hotels collect passport data anyway

Japan is the latest country to challenge Facebook to improve security

The Beginners Guide: Cloud Storage Tips for Entrepreneurs

Accused Capital One hacker had no malicious intent insists friend

How to respond to a data breach

Privacy complaints received by tech giants favorite EU watchdog up more than 2x since GDPR

Uber expands privacy settlement with FTC

Amazon admits it exposed customer email addresses but refuses to give details

Marriotts Starwood breach: What should you do That depends on who and why

Facebook reveals new details of account breaches revises login token theft down to 30M people

Social Bluebook was hacked exposing 217000 influencers accounts

Microsoft found 44 million accounts using breached passwords

Ireland opens GDPR investigation into Facebook leak

Yet another massive Facebook fail: Quiz app leaked data on 120M users for years

Houzz resets user passwords after data breach

Decrypted: Cheggs third time unlucky Oktas new CSO Rapid7 beefs up cloud security

Decrypted: iOS 135 jailbreak FBI slams Apple VCs talk cybersecurity

Sprint contractor leaks 261000 phone bills and bank statements

What is Cyber Insurance and Does My Startup Need It

Lack of big tech GDPR decisions looms large in EU watchdogs annual report

Thousands of US lab results and medical records spilled online after a security lapse

A friendly reminder: Dont put passwords in Trello

Flipboard8217s data breach exposes usernames passwords

Hackers went undetected in Citrixs internal network for six months