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Deepfake video shows UK prime minister endorsing main opponent

The startup behind that deepfake David Beckham video just raised 3M

Reddit finally banned the Deepfakes subreddit where faceswap porn thrived

UK law review eyes abusive trends like deepfaked porn and cyber flashing

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DEEPFAKES Accountability Act would impose unenforceable rules but its a start

Fake drunk Nancy Pelosi video goes viral and it wasn8217t even that hard to make

Facebook and Microsoft join researchers to set up contest for deepfake video detection

ByteDance TikTok have secretly built a Deepfakes maker

Truepic raises 8M to expose Deepfakes verify photos for Reddit

The Matrix deepfaked with Office Space makes for some very bleak fanfiction

Snapchat quietly acquired AI Factory the company behind its new Cameos feature for 166M

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is evaluating deepfake policy

Deepfake your pet with a fun notatall terrifying algorithm

Twitter will label deepfakes and other manipulated media

As concern over deepfakes shifts to politics detection software tries to keep up

LinkedIn is full of spies

Deepfake Porn Is Only the Beginning

Facebook announces ban on deepfakes but it wont stop misinformation

WeChat restricts controversial video faceswapping app Zao citing security risks

Social media should have duty of care towards kids UK MPs urge

A guide to deepfakes the internets latest moral crisis

Porn company offers to turn customers into adult film stars using deepfakes

Forget DeepFakes Deep Video Portraits are way better and worse

Facebooks new deepfake ban comes with a politiciansized loophole

The US Defense Department is readying for the battle against deepfakes

See Sylvester Stallone as Kevin in this Home Alone hilariously weird deepfake

Deepfake of Bill Hader doing an impression of Tom Cruise will make your brain hurt