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Decision on the 10B JEDI cloud contract likely delayed after Pentagon agrees to review bias charges against Amazon employee

NYbased autonomous reusable rocket startup lands Air Force contract

Lucid Lane has developed a service to get patients off of pain meds and avoid dependence

Google facing an internal rebellion will end its work with the US military

The United States needs a Department of Cybersecurity

Microsoft inks cloud deal with Intelligence Community ahead of decision on huge Pentagon cloud contract

Amazons bid for 10B Pentagon cloud deal faces friction as it battles with Microsoft

Microsoft unveils Azure Government Secret to help US agencies handle classified data

America Makes Announces Challenge for OpenSource Scanning Strategies for Metal 3D Printing

3D Printing Financials: ExOne 27 Revenue Drop Employee Layoffs and Government Contract in Q2 2020

Star Wars returns: Trump calls for spacebased missile defense

Lockheed Martin acquires rocket engine maker Aerojet Rocketdyne for 44B as space heats up

Segway Inventor Hopes to Mass Produce Human Tissues and Organs

Lucid Lane has developed a service to get patients off of pain meds and avoid addiction

Palmer Luckeys new defense company Anduril looks interested in AR and VR on the battlefield

3D Printing News Briefs January 23 2021: CADENAS BCN3D ExOne AMGTA 6K

Japans Society 50 initiative is a roadmap for todays entrepreneurs

Report: The Pentagon plans to increase its use of cloud computing in security push

Lumineye helps first responders identify people through walls

3D Printing News Briefs: June 12 2018

The US wants startups to get a piece of the 16 billion spent on space tech

US security experts admit Chinas 5G dominance push for public investment

Institutional trust is the real meme

Virgin Orbit will launch first Dutch defense satellite in mission that will demo rapid response capabilities

As the JEDI cloud contract looms in the distance Microsoft gets two wins in Washington

US Air Force Funds Shipping Container 3D Printing Facilities Secured by Blockchain

The Pentagon is working on a radio wave weapon that stops a speeding car in its tracks

Oracles quixotic quest to derail the Pentagons JEDI cloud contract continues

Miku watches your baby and your babys heartbeat while you relax

Pentagon delays the release of requirements for the onceinageneration cloud computing contract

How is the Air Force looking to spend its 60 billion RD budget

Microsoft wins 176 billion DoD deal as massive US government cloud contract looms

Democratic Presidential nominees are ignoring the issue of our cybersecurity infrastructure

MELD Manufacturing Receives Grant for Research in Recycling Battlefield Scrap Metal to 3D Print Parts in Combat Theatre

Oracles latest JEDI cloud contract protest spurs Amazon Web Services to defend itself in federal court

What is JEDI Explaining the 10B military cloud contract that Microsoft just won over Amazon

Microsoft slams Amazons latest protest over Pentagon cloud contract as a way to avoid the consequences of its own bad business decisions

Report: Google wants the Pentagon cloud deal but doesnt want its employees to know

US Marines Successfully Test 3D Printed Containers Packed with Explosive Charges

Microsoft makes its pitch for the Pentagon cloud contract with expanded federal certifications

3 Million Awarded to Collaborative Metal 3D Printing Research Team

Anduril raises 450M as the defense tech companys valuation soars to 46B

Report: After employee backlash Google will walk away from Project Maven AI contract with the military after it expires

Senvol Joins National Armaments Consortium

Microsoft defends bid for 10B Pentagon cloud contract amid criticism over government use of technology

Microsoft awarded 218B Army contract to make HoloLenstype mixed reality headset for soldiers

Voyager Space Holdings to acquire multilaunch site startup The Launch Company

Meet Alchemist Accelerators latest demo day cohort

And then there were two: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft named finalists for the Pentagons 10B JEDI cloud contract

Purdue Researchers Create Mini Shockwave with Custom Inkjet 3D Printer and Energetic Materials