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HackerRank raises 30M to match developers with jobs

DARPA dedicates 75 million to start into reinventing chip tech

Algorithmia raises 25M Series B for its AI automation platform

RedHats CoreOS launches a new toolkit for managing Kubernetes applications

Bugsnag snares 9 million Series B now gives you a software stability score

Wethos looks to match freelancers with nonprofits

Snyk snares 7 million Series A to help developers deliver open source components securely

OpenStack regroups

Microsoft drops the price of its standard support for Azure to 100 per month

The top 10 startups from Y Combinator W19 Demo Day 1

Microsoft promises to keep GitHub independent and open

PullRequest pulls in 23M seed round led by Googles Gradient Ventures

PoLTE lets you track devices using LTE signal

Takeaways from KubeCon the latest on Kubernetes and cloud native development

BitTorrent inventor announces ecofriendly Bitcoin competitor Chia

RealityEnginesAI raises 525M seed round to make ML easier for enterprises

20 critical startup truths no one will tell you

Storyblocks makes it easier for developers to integrate its stock media services

Nylas scores 16M Series B to expand email API tool

ProdPerfect gets 26 million to automate QA testing for web apps

PagerDuty raises 90M to wake up more engineers in the middle of the night

AWS launches NeoAI an opensource tool for tuning ML models

Highlights transcript from Zuckerbergs 20Kword ethics talk

Intel to ship new Nervana Neural Network Processor by end of 2017

When do you go native

Datree gets 3M seed round to build DevOps policy engine in GitHub

Google Cloud releases Dialogflow Enterprise Edition for building chat apps

Apple makes the case that even its most banal features require a proficiency in machine learning

Docker looks to partners and packages to ease container implementation

Why Oath keeps Tumblring

Googles new Poly service makes it easier to build VR and AR apps

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks WWDC student program coding initiatives and SAP

The definitive Niantic reading guide

Twitter updates its developer rules to crack down on bots

Crateio raises 11M and launches its hosted IoT data platform

Apples latest acquisition is a huge bummer for Android developers

Netlify just got 30 million to change the way developers build websites

Very Good Security makes data unhackable with 85M from Andreessen

Mixpanel analytics accidentally slurped up passwords

Cockroach Labs launches CockroachDB as managed service

Foundriesio promises standardized open source IoT device security

Y Combinator grad Fuzzbuzz lands 27M seed round to deliver fuzzing as service

Baidu Cloud launches its open source edge computing platform

DeferPanic secures 15 M seed round to popularize unikernel concept

CoveTool wants to solve climate change one efficient building at a time

Cosmic JS wants to simplify web development so you can focus on content

SendBird snags 52M Series B to expand messaging API tool

How to be remote

Apple launches app development program for female entrepreneurs

Facebook invented a new time unit called the flick and its truly amazing