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Heres why some apps will look bad on the iPhone X

Apple reveals its 2020 Apple Design Award winners

Moesif raises 35M seed round to provide insight into API usage

YC alum Paragon snags 25M seed for lowcode app integration platform

The Nodejs and JS foundations want to merge

Andreessen pours 22M into PlanetScales databaseasaservice

Dont hate on lowcode and nocode

Autify raises 25M seed round for its nocode software testing platform

Mozilla pulls ads off Facebook over data access concerns

The new new web

Northflank announces 26M seed to create endtoend DevOps workflow in cloud

Lumigo scores 8M seed to help manage serverless operations

Idera acquires Travis CI

PoLTE lets you track devices using LTE signal

Theres now proof that quantum computers can outperform classical machines

Why is Dropbox reinventing itself

Botpress nabs 15M Series A to help developers build conversational apps

A former chaos engineer offers 5 tips for handling online disasters remotely

DigitalOcean is laying off staff sources say 3050 affected

TikTok parent Bytedance is getting serious about games

Apples latest acquisition is a huge bummer for Android developers

Dark emerges from stealth with unique deployless software model

The race to building a fully functional quantum stack

Undo gets 14M to scale to meet the software accountability challenge

Snyk grabs 70M more to detect security vulnerabilities in open source code and containers

Headless CMS company Strapi raises 4 million

NLPCloudio helps devs add language processing smarts to their apps

Harness delivers enterprise continuous integration on heels of Droneio acquisition

Looking back at Zooms IPO with CEO Eric Yuan

Snyk acquires DeepCode to boost its code review smarts

Africa Roundup: CcHubs iHub acquisition Andelas 50M run rate and layoffs Transsions IPO

PullRequest pulls in 23M seed round led by Googles Gradient Ventures

Highlights and audio from Zuckerbergs emotional QA on scandals

Junior Geek of the Month: Math whiz and Rubiks Cube ace Simmi Sen catches Apples eye with app

Fantasmo pivots to scooter cameras that keep them off sidewalks

Microsoft acquires Lobe a draganddrop AI tool

How to hire your first engineer: A guide for nontechnical founders

Spotinst excess cloud capacity management service snares 35M Series B

4 enterprise developer trends that will shape 2021

Riskified prevents fraud on your favorite ecommerce site

XebiaLabs lands 100 million Series B led by Susquehanna Growth Equity and Accel

Flickr founder top VCs invest in Seattle startup that sells used kids clothing at steep discounts

Are high churn rates depressing earnings for app developers

PacketZoom lands 5M Series A investment to speed up mobile apps

Highlights transcript from Zuckerbergs 20Kword ethics talk

Zilliz raises 43 million as investors rush to Chinas opensource software

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative drops 38M on 23 biomedical opensource projects

Google unveils 2020 dates for IO conference

Spectro Cloud launches with 75M investment to help developers build Kubernetes clusters their way

Open source monetization startup Tidelift raises 25m series B