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Geek of the Week: Elsa Moluf finds strength in mind and body as developer and competitive weightlifter

Armory lands 10M Series A to bring continuous delivery to enterprise masses

Snyk bags another 200M at 26B valuation 9 months after last raise

Tyk raises 35M for its open source openended approach to enterprise API management

AWS launches four new storage services aimed at improving data management

Turing nabs 32M more for an AIbased platform to source and manage engineers remotely

Bolt makes first acquisition with Tipser launches Remote Checkout

Mosyle rides its device management software to the bank raising 196M

Lightrun raises 4M for its continuous debugging and observability platform

Streamlit reaches 10 milestone for open source data app building tool

12 VCs share their thoughts on enterprise startup trends and opportunities

Cloud services provider DigitalOcean is laying off staff sources say 3050 affected

Stark raises 15M for a toolkit that helps developers and others create more inclusive design

This Week in Apps: Facebook takes on Shopify Tinder considers its future contacttracing tech goes live

AWS launches new SageMaker features to make scaling machine learning easier

Specify automagically collects stores and distributes your design tokens and assets

SaaS demo platform Demostack raises 34M to expand to new markets

Koyeb raises 16 million for its serverless dataprocessing engine

4 ways to make your engineering team more productive

Pretend to be productive by reading TechCrunch in your terminal window

With its Kubernetes bet paying off Cloud Foundry double down on developer experience

PagerDuty gets smarter with Intelligent Triage and Dashboards

Junior Geek of the Month: Math whiz and Rubiks Cube ace Simmi Sen catches Apples eye with app

Why AWS is building tiny AI race cars to teach machine learning

Perforce adds infrastructure automation tooling with Puppet acquisition

Finch raises 15M to build an API for HR systems

Narrator raises 62M for a new approach to data modelling that replaces star schema

Spin Technology raises 16M to protect SaaS apps against attacks

Microsoft promises to keep GitHub independent and open

Port is aging well as developer portal concept takes shape

ProdPerfect gets 26 million to automate QA testing for web apps

Stark wants to make it easier to design accessible websites and software

Google Play adopts App Storelike features including inapp events and custom product pages

Gamma brings in 7M to bring the slide deck into the 21st century

Replex gets 245M seed round to help track cloud native spend

Frontegg raises 5M to help SaaS companies build SaaS faster

Taraai which uses machine learning to spec out and manage engineering projects nabs 10M

Mozart Data raises 15M to help startups spin up a data stack

5 product lessons to learn before you write a line of code

Data observability startup Observe secures 70M

Insightly helps engineering teams increase productivity and reduce burnout

Facebook Google and more unite to let you transfer data between apps

Onymos raises 12M to provide plugin features for apps

Email is broken and Heys Jason Fried is here to fix it

How Graphite turned an internal side project into a 20M Series A

Application security platform NeuraLegion raises 47 million seed led by DNX Ventures

Docker launches a first preview of its WebAssembly tooling

Selling to developers is no longer a sure path to insane valuation multiples

Britive grabs 10M Series A to build automated multicloud permissions tool

ExUber team raises 6M seed for geospatial analytics platform Unfoldedai