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Impinj stock skyrockets on earnings beat and upbeat future projections

Impinj crushes Wall Street expectations with 38M in revenue up 34 over a year ago

Tencents mixed bag for Q1: record profit despite weakest revenue growth yet

Avalara posts 91M in revenue up 43 as sales tax automation company hits 10000 customers

Twitter is finally profitable for the first time ever

Smartsheet posts first quarterly earnings since IPO revenue up 63 but losses swell to 143M

AWS grows 49 percent in Q1 2018 to hit 54B in revenue

Impinj snaps streak of declining revenue and beats Wall Street expectations in record quarter

With Apple lawsuits still looming Qualcomm beats revenue expectations

VMware beats Wall Street expectations as reverse merger with Dell Technologies looms

Redfin posts 487M in revenue in 2018 as losses balloon to 42M for the year

Tableau stock jumps 10 as new subscription strategy helps it beat 2017 earnings expectations

F5 Networks bests Wall Street expectations posting 542M in revenue amid cloud shift

Twitters fourthquarter results: The TechCrunch Review

7 huge business storylines for this quarters earnings season

Snapchat revives growth in Q1 beat with 190M users as share price spikes

How Amazon became a profit machine and why it might not last

Smartsheet beats estimates with 469M in revenue up 59 in 3rd earnings report as public company

Tencent profit jumps 61 to 37B as its mobile gaming business surges

Starbucks meets expectations with 6B in quarterly revenue shares down slightly

Zuckerberg says the future is sharing via 100B messages 1B Storiesday

Baidu beats estimates on strong video streaming growth

Amazon earnings preview: Analysts bullish despite more delivery investment and antitrust scrutiny

Tesla earnings show record revenues with record losses

Samsung topples Intel to become the worlds largest chipmaker

TMobile reports best financials ever adds 16M new customers in 3rd quarter

Google continues to make a ton of money on search and lose money on everything else

Facebook beats in Q1 and boosts daily user growth to 145B amidst backlash

Facebook shares sink amidst weak Q3 user growth and revenue

Expedia posts 15 Q3 revenue increase in first quarter since CEO departed for Uber

3D Printing News Briefs: October 13 2017

Yext sees 39 revenue growth in latest quarter

Equity podcast: Stocks swing after earnings for Tesla Apple Spotify Snap

Nintendos Switch took just 10 months to outsell the Wii U

Ciscos 235 billion Duo acquisition front and center at earnings call

Okta reports earnings moves headquarters and launches free service for startups

Baidu Chinas answer to Google reports first quarterly loss since 2005

Twitter stock drops on slow growth projection despite better than expected revenue and profits

Expedia beats first quarter estimates with 25B in revenue shares up 10

Nvidias huge run continues as its data center business surges

Netflix on streaming rivals: We compete with and lose to Fortnite more than HBO

3D Printing News Briefs: May 11 2018

Netflix adds another 74M subscribers posts 37B in revenue as shares rise 6

Why unskippable Stories ads could revive Facebook

Slack doubles down on competition with Microsoft touting enterprise customer growth among Office 365 users

Avalara reports 272M in revenue in 2018 but losses rise 16 to 445M for the year

Twitter admits it overestimated its user numbers

Samsung now the worlds largest chipmaker forecasts record Q1 profit

Amazon tops 600K worldwide employees for the 1st time a 13 jump from a year ago

F5 Networks reports 563M in Q3 revenue with web server NGINX now under its umbrella