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Expedia stock drops more than 15 as travel giant misses earnings expectations

SaaS and cloud stocks finally give back ground

Snapchats Android usage keeps falling but rebuild tests well

Slacks earnings detail how COVID19 is both a help and a hindrance to cloud growth

Welcome to the postpandemic economy startups

Amazon shares fall 8 after missing profit expectations again 70B in Q3 revenue up 24

Slacks slowing growth turns around as remote work booms

Smartsheet reports 562M in Q1 revenue reveals acquisition price for recent Seattle startup deal

You may be having a problem with the economy but Salesforce sure isnt

AI field trips and why we should stop setting selfdriving cars on fire

Zillow Group CEO Rich Barton on why hes bullish about real estate despite pandemic

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Time for techs report card

Higher interest rates are fostering a fintech comeback story

Shares of F5 Networks rise 5 after earnings beat expectations with 652M in revenue

Meet the speakers at The Europas and get your ticket free July 3 London

With Musks deal in the wings Twitter reports Q1 sales of 12B diluted EPS of 061 due to a MoPub bump

Its always earnings season if you look hard enough

Nintendo stock slumps on slowing Switch sales

Facebook hits 25B users in Q4 but shares sink from slow profits

You might hate it but Facebook Stories now has 500M users

Stablecoin company Circle going public makes good sense

Connected chip maker Impinj posts record revenue for 2nd straight quarter reports 145M loss in 2018

Expedia stock rises 10 as travel giant cites focus on core operations following executive shuffle

Chinese internet giant Tencent suffers a rare profit drop

SaaS stocks survive earnings keeping the market warm for software startups exits

Starbucks adds 6 million digitally registered customers since March with new tech strategy

3D Printing News Briefs: May 18 2018

Mondaycom shows its possible to post great results even in a slow market

Salesforce beats Q4 earnings expectations but investors frown at its Q1 outlook

Smartsheet market value tops 45 billion as shares spike 10 after earnings report

IPOs crypto funds and other things I missed this week

Early Stage 2023: IRL is BACK

Jeff Bezos will no longer be CEO of Amazon as of later this year

Tencents profit surges 69 thanks to its thriving games business

Klarna shows that BNPL growth is not cheap

Impinj stock soars as connected chip maker clears audit investigation that delayed earnings results

Intel projects flat 2019 revenue amid slowdown in China sending shares down more than 6 percent

The advertising slowdown is dinging Big Tech

TechCrunch roundup: 3 views on EpicBandcamp deal SPAC letdown CIO sales strategy

Funko stock soars as pop culture toy maker crushes Wall Street expectations to cap rebound year

F5 Networks bests Wall Street expectations posting 542M in revenue amid cloud shift

Deals site Zulily hits 16B in revenue 58M customers 2 years after acquisition by QVCs parent

Walmart posts 514B in revenue for the year plans to double down on grocery pickup and delivery

For startups the message is clear: Grow fast or die