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Snap stock soars as Snapchat parent notches 1st earnings beat as a public company

Tableau stock jumps 10 as new subscription strategy helps it beat 2017 earnings expectations

Amazon tops 600K worldwide employees for the 1st time a 13 jump from a year ago

Spotify now has 100 million paid subscribers worldwide

Twitter stock soars 25 after company reports firstever profit

Facebook plans new products as Instagram Stories hits 500M usersday

Alibaba is picking up 33 of Ant Financial its fintech affiliate thats valued at over 60B

Ubers losses top 1 billion trumping better than expected revenues

Elon Musk rips the press for ridiculous coverage of Tesla firings

Redfin stock tumbles as techpowered brokerage surpasses Wall Street expectations

3D Printing Financials: ExOne 27 Revenue Drop Employee Layoffs and Government Contract in Q2 2020

After earnings Amazon joins the 1T club as Alphabet dips out

Sea President Nick Nash is leaving to start his own Asiafocused investment fund

Facebook shares sink amidst weak Q3 user growth and revenue

Organovos Keith Murphy Back as Executive Chairman

Smartsheet reports 562M in Q1 revenue reveals acquisition price for recent Seattle startup deal

Deals site Zulily hit 16B in revenue 58M customers 2 years after acquisition by QVCs parent

Smartsheet reports 42M in revenue up 59 over last year as stock continues to rise

Slacks earnings detail how COVID19 is both a help and a hindrance to cloud growth

Netflix adds another 74M subscribers posts 37B in revenue as shares rise 6

3D Printing Financials: SLM Solutions Reports Net Loss of 51M for 2021 First Quarter

Intels Data Center Group takes advantage of booming cloud business in Q1

Amazon crushes profit expectations sales rise 34 to 437B stock up 7

Snapchats Android usage keeps falling but rebuild tests well

Baidu Chinas answer to Google reports first quarterly loss since 2005

Profitability expectations ding Lyft despite betterthanexpected growth

Baidu beats estimates on strong video streaming growth

Microsoft surpasses 150000 employees for 1st time as hiring surges outside Seattlearea HQ

TMobile posts record 119B in Q4 revenue teases new Uncarrier move as it awaits Sprint ruling

SoftBanks Q1 2020 earnings presentation mixes comedy and drama

F5 Networks bests Wall Street expectations posting 542M in revenue amid cloud shift

SaaS stocks survive earnings keeping the market warm for software startups exits

Redfin stock down as techpowered real estate brokerage falls short of expectations in second quarter as public company

Microsofts commercial cloud revenue jumped 47 percent in its fiscal Q1 but Azure growth slows

Slack doubles down on competition with Microsoft touting enterprise customer growth among Office 365 users

7 huge business storylines for this quarters earnings season

Expedia beats first quarter estimates with 25B in revenue shares up 10

Amazon bump Target reports record online sales during its Prime Day rival event

TLDR: Facebook discovers political influence campaign Seattle clinic for families affected by gentrification Apple beats revenue expectations

Nintendos Switch took just 10 months to outsell the Wii U

Impinj crushes Wall Street expectations with 38M in revenue up 34 over a year ago

3D Printing News Briefs: October 13 2017

Microsoft stock rises as tech giant posts 29B in revenue powered by cloud gaming growth

Zillow Group on track for first 1B year reporting record 2818M in revenue and alltime traffic high of 187M unique visitors

Funko acquires A Large Evil Corporation for 4M shares rise 5 after first earnings report

Zuckerberg defends political ads that will be 05 of 2020 revenue

Impinj stock skyrockets on earnings beat and upbeat future projections

Amazon earnings preview: Tech giant aims for another record quarter

Why are unicorns pushing back IPOs when the Nasdaq is near record highs

Samsung now the worlds largest chipmaker forecasts record Q1 profit