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Waymo has now driven 10 billion autonomous miles in simulation

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Lamborghini teases a new possibly hybrid supercar with a stylish photo

Karmas new electric hingewinged hypercar concept goes 0 to 60 mph in 19 seconds

Citron introduces a twoseat EV that costs 1999 a month

Elon Musk gives a tentative release date for the Tesla Model Y

Future air travel looks hightech autonomous and electric

Buick unveils an allelectric SUV concept and its exactly what GM needs

GM LG Chem to invest 23 billion in EV battery joint venture

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Porsche increases stake in electric car maker Rimac Automobili to 155

NIO shifts electric vehicle plans as losses pile up

Chevy beats Tesla for Octobers highestselling electric car

GM to introduce two new allelectric cars by 2019 in path to zero emissions

Heres the electric Jaguar that Waymo wants to turn into a selfdriving car

UPS introduces hybrid longrange trucks that change modes based on where they are

Jaguars classic EType is back as an allelectric sports car

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I drove my first allelectric car It reminded me of my distracting smartphone

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Tesla cofounder and CTO JB Straubel stepping down

We need to talk about public EV charging etiquette

Tesla is made in Fremont so its not surprising local police bought a Model S patrol car

Sony randomly announced a concept car at CES just because they could

This escooter has THICC wheels and a fat price tag to match

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