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We can finally stop calling every small electric vehicle a scooter

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Veo CEO Candice Xie has a plan for building a sustainable scooter company and its working

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With latest deals Amazon reveals sudden interest in autonomous and electric vehicles

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Heres our pick of the top six startups from Pause Fest

VWs Electrify America will use Tesla battery packs to lower charging costs

Canoo to build its first electric vehicle factory in Oklahoma

Lordstown will deliver its Endurance truck to select early customers early next year

Special edition of Kias electric EV6 announced with AR display and 300mile range

Lucid factory finally starts making the Air EV

Canoo wants to connect owners to all of their vehicles not just Canoos

Ample raises 160M to scale its battery swapping service

Chinese EV startup Xpeng Motors raises 15 billion in US public market debut

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Startup turns old gas cars into electric vehicles made for road adventures

Tesla Model S touchscreen problem could affect up to 63000 cars

Bytons electric SUV features a massive 48inch display controlled by your voice

The newest electric Jaguar IPace rethinks the center screen and speeds up charging

7Eleven to install 500 EV charging stations by the end of 2022

Volkswagens ID Space Vizzion electric concept car has no door handles

Fords electric F150 Lightning revealed early at Biden speech

You can soon ride the Avengers8217 allelectric HarleyDavidson motorcycle

Tesla focuses on service with 25 new service centers in Q2 rate of new openings to increase

The 35000 Tesla Model 3 is finally here

Apple adds EV route planning to Maps digital car keys to Wallet app

Audi unveils its allelectric Tesla Model X competitor the etron

Tesla reportedly adding wireless charging USBC to the Model 3

Tesla holds on to recent gains with bullish analyst target of 2300

Uber Green comes to US to encourage more electric hybrid rides

Rivian to begin deliveries of electric pickup truck in June 2021

VWs allelectric ID4 will use interior lighting to communicate with the driver

YCbacked Statiq wants to bootstrap Indias EV charging network

Amazon commits to climate pledge purchases 100000 electric delivery vans