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Autonomous air mobility company EHang to deploy air shuttle service in Guangzhou

Former Google X exec Mo Gawdat wants to reinvent consumerism

Free societies face emerging existential threats from technology

Ford will slash 7000 salaried jobs by August

Waymo CTO Dmitri Dolgov at TC Sessions: Mobility on July 10

Emerging from stealth Octant is bringing the tools of synthetic biology to large scale drug discovery

Toyota wants to get us truly crushing on cars

Zooxs selfdriving car will provide a smooth ride via independent active suspension

Mammoth Biosciences receives first peerreviewed validation of CRISPRbased COVID19 test

Ford will begin testing selfdriving cars in a new city in 2018

Transportation Weekly: Waymo unleashes laser bear Bird spreads its wings Lyft tightens its belt

Auroras head of product is coming to TC Sessions: Mobility

MIT AI tool can predict breast cancer up to 5 years early works equally well for white and black patients

Hear from the executives of Innoviz and Oryx Vision about the eyes and ears of the new automobile in Tel Aviv

Argo AI is investing 15 million into a selfdriving car research center at CMU

Waymo is creating 3D maps of Los Angeles to better understand traffic congestion

Deep Science: Using machine learning to study anatomy weather and earthquakes

Aurora can now give the public rides in its selfdriving cars

Volocopter raises 170M now valued at 187B to fuel the first commercial launches of its flying taxi fleet

Amazon Primes dominance is spurring new startup opportunities

Take a look at the production version of the PALV Liberty flying car

Quantum Machines raises 175M for its quantum orchestration platform

Jinaai raises 30M for its for its neural search platform

QuantrolOx uses machine learning to control qubits

Lyft is building a selfdriving platform with auto supplier Magna

OpenAI Director Shivon Zilis explains why AI requires oversight now

Driving down the cost of preserving genetic material Acorn Biolabs raises 33 million

The engineers behind Googles Bookbot have launched a delivery robot startup

The road ahead for Waymo AV engineering and mobility with Waymo CTO Dmitri Dolgov

Chinas Xpeng in the race to automate EVs with lidar

AR 10 is dead: Heres what it got wrong

Iris Automation raises 13 million for visual drone object avoidance tech

Waymo and Google launch a selfdriving truck pilot in Atlanta

Phytoform plants 57M into climateresistant crop technology

Drones ground flights at UKs second largest airport

Lyft gets approval to test selfdriving cars on public roads in California

Japans Society 50 initiative is a roadmap for todays entrepreneurs

Cities can have flying cars if they start working on infrastructure today

With Y Combinators seal of approval MyPetrolPump raises 16 million for its car refueling business

VW taps Nvidia to build AI into its new electric microbus and beyond

Researchers find a new material for quantum computing

Only 2 startup demo tables left for TC Sessions: Robotics AI 2019

AutoX and Fiat Chrysler are teaming up on a robotaxi for China

UPS gets FAA approval to operate an entire drone delivery airline

DWave plans to build a gatemodel quantum computer

Fiat Chrysler and AV startup Voyage partner on selfdriving minivans

Maybell Quantums Icebox is a small fridge for large quantum computers

Udacity debuts a dedicated School of AI with three new nanodegrees

From bioprinting labgrown meat in Russia to Beyond Meat in the US KFC is embracing the future of food

Ponyai launches a selfdriving ridehailing fleet for public use in China