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Toyota Ventures leads seed extension into Agtonomy turning tractors into autonomous vehicles

Sendbird adds live streaming from any app to communications platform

No money for shelfware

LogRocket nabs 25M for intelligent app analytics

Gusto is expanding from payroll into a full suite financial wellness platform

Soloio wants to bring order to service meshes with centralized management hub

Frameio picks up 20 million to be the Slack of video

Rookout lands 8M Series A to expand debugging platform

Conversive helps businesses build the virtual equivalent of facetoface conversations

Intel Capital pumps 72M into AI IoT cloud and silicon startups 115M invested so far in 2018

Software subscriptions are eating the world: Solving billing and cash flow woes simultaneously

Exotel raises 40 million for its fullstack customer engagement platform

Fujifilm will take over Xerox cut 10000 jobs

Jane VC a new fund for female entrepreneurs wants founders to cold email them

Wasabi announces 30M Series B as cloud storage business continues to grow

As GE and Amazon move on Google expands presence in Boston and NYC

SiMaai announces 30M Series A to build out lowerpower edge chip solution

Annotell raises 24M for tech that tests autonomous vehicle perception systems to improve how they work

Socratic nabs 3M seed to build datadriven task management system for developers

Battlefield winner Forethought adds tool to automate support ticket routing

Talking venture B2B and thesisdriven investment with WorkBenchs Jon Lehr

Snark AI looks to help companies get ondemand access to idle GPUs

FortressIQ snags 30M Series B to streamline processes with AIfueled data

Work collaboration startup Notion cozies up to Silicon Valleys top accelerators

Cisco using AI and machine learning to help IT predict failures

PoLTE lets you track devices using LTE signal

IROKO cofounder Bastian Gotter raises 32M seed for new venture Bamba

Tigera raises 30M Series B for its Kubernetes security and compliance platform

Slack off Send videos instead with 11Mfunded Loom

Astronomer ready for its next mission after Datakin acquisition 213M Series C

Swedens Hedvig raises 104M led by Obvious Ventures to build nice insurance

Splunk acquires Plumbr and Rigor to build out its observability platform

Oracle joins Microsoft in spending big to dominate healthcare vertical

Cowboy VCs Aileen Lee: Your coronavirus scenario planning should be more conservative

Galley Solutions turns kitchen chaos into recipe for streamlined operations

Bite Ninja scoops up preseed funding to reimagine restaurant working environments

Xage secures 12 million Series A for IoT security solution on blockchain

Asia HR tech platform Darwinbox becomes unicorn with TCVled 72 million funding

Marc and Lynne Benioff Salesforce donate 300M to encourage climate action

Tableau gets AI shot in the arm with Empirical Systems acquisition

TextIQ a machine learning platform for parsing sensitive corporate data raises 126M

Edgybeess new developer platform brings situational awareness to live video feeds

NumberAI raises 16M to make business landline numbers smarter

Very Good Security makes data unhackable with 85M from Andreessen

Why in the world would chipmaker Broadcom be interested in VMware

GitLab proves its possible to get a better valuation for your software company

Tipalti receives 150M at a 2B valuation after its accounts payable platform sees a surge in use

Daily Crunch: Nvidia breaks with tradition at CES 2019

Bostonbased DataRobot raises 206M Series E to bring AI to enterprise

EnquireLabs aims to pull back the curtain on consumer behavior