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Real estate startup Compass nabs 100M at a 18B valuation

While everyone keeps talking about AI HR tech startups are quietly building toward a 24B market

Calendly the 3B scheduling startup acquires Prelude to drive into the recruitment sector

PayCargo raises 35M from Insight for its cloudbased platform targeting the freight industry

Axio lands 23M to help companies quantify cyber risk

Enterprise automation platform JIFFYai raises 18 million Series A

Opsera raises 15M for its continuous DevOps orchestration platform

PQShield raises 20M for its quantumready futureproof cryptographic security solutions

The CockroachDB EC1

Vast Data lands 118M to grow its data storage platform for AI workloads

Founded by exdLocal and AstroPay execs Datanomik is bringing open banking to LatAm

Tighter VC capital forces AI startups to face the music

As it closes in on ARM Nvidia announces UK supercomputer dedicated to medical research

Bindu Reddy cofounder and CEO at RealityEngines is coming to TechCrunch Sessions: Enterprise

Startup studio eFounders is gaining some serious traction

WeWork acquires Managed By Q

Digital experience company Instart Logic raises 30M for global expansion

Mapping company Here buys ATS to boost its overtheair tech

Stoggles thinks protective eyewear can be fashionable too

Factorial raises 16M to take on the HR world with a platform for SMBs

Tetrate nets 125 million to bring microservices to the corporate masses

Harness acquires the assets of continuous deployment service Armory

Gradient raises 10M to let companies deploy and finetune multiple LLMs

Storj brings lowcost decentralized cloud storage to the enterprise

PlanetScale raises 50M Series C as its enterprise database service hits general availability

Leapwork raises 10M for its easy process automation platform plans US expansion

SocialRank sells biz to Trufan pivots to a mobile LinkedIn

Productled sales startup Endgame raises over 17M

Indias Fyle bags 45M to expand its expense management platform in the US other international markets

Canva now valued at 32 billion launches an enterprise product

Salesforce to offer more customized AI with myEinstein

Allie wants to layer intelligence on top of factory floors

Customer experience and digital transformation concepts are merging during the pandemic

Replace nonstop Zoom with remote office avatars app Pragli

Marvell nabs Innovium for 11B as it delves deeper into cloud ethernet switches

Yali Bio wants to fatten up plantbased foods

TechCrunch roundup: Slashing churn rates visa side hustles YC S22 Demo Day faves

Datacoral raises 10M Series A for its data infrastructure service

Forward Networks raises 35M to help enterprises map track and predict their networks behavior

Point72 the firm investing hedge fund mogul Steven A Cohens personal wealth gets into healthcare

Everseen raises over 70M for AI tech to spot potential retail theft

Activeloop snags 5M seed to build streaming database for AI applications

Identifying underserved market segments with Ethena and Homebrew on TechCrunch Live

Bobsled raises 17M Series A to make crosscloud data sharing easier

Annotell raises 24M for tech that tests autonomous vehicle perception systems to improve how they work

ScyllaDB takes on Amazon with new DynamoDB migration tool

Google to link Meet business videocalling app with Microsoft Skype and other rivals

EU retail giant Schwarz Group snags security startup XM Cyber for 700 million

Harness makes first acquisition snagging open source CI company Droneio

VCs largest funds make big bets on vertical B2B marketplaces