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Y Combinatorbacked 0pass seeks to replace passwords in the enterprise

Dynamic Yield which builds Amazonlike personalisation for the rest of us raises 38M

Slack and Atlassian deepen their partnership with deeper integrations

Googles first Africa cloud region now operational

TechCrunch roundup: Fintech investor survey datadriven fundraising VC scouting jobs

LastMile AI closes 10M seed round to operationalize AI models

Daily Crunch: Meet the new CEO of Google Cloud

Gauging growth in the most challenging environment in decades

Software companies give back ground after an impressive rebound

Realtime data startup Quix raises a 129M Series A round led by MMC Ventures

Businesses including Stitch Fix are already experimenting with DALLE 2

FintechOS nabs 60M for a lowcode approach to modernizing legacy banking and insurance services

Indias Kombai raises 45M to simplify UI coding with AI

How we pivoted our deep tech startup to become a SaaS company

Grip Security raises 25M Series A for its SaaS security platform

Coralogix announces 10M Series A to bring more intelligence to logging

Kleiner spots Spot Meetings 5M to modernize walkandtalks for the Zoom generation

A startup is charging 199 for strings of text to feed to DALLE 2

AWS introduces a solution to get customers off their mainframes more quickly

Software marketplace G2 Crowd acquires Siftery to fold software usage into its dataset

Use predictive marketing to cut CAC at your PLG B2B startup

Kustomer acquires Replyai to enhance chatbots on its CRM platform

3 questions to ask before adopting microservice architecture

Risilience a climate analytics and risk assessment platform for enterprises raises 26M

Oracle snags Cerner in 28B mega deal to make a big move into healthcare

Jirav a startup developing financial planning software for businesses raises 20M

Kontempo lands fresh capital amid the boom for B2B BNPL

UKs ANNA raises 21M for its SMBfocused business account and tax app

Open Robotics ROS is in safe grippers with Alphabet says Intrinsic

Git platform AllSpice now curries favor with enterprises

RapidAPI valued at 1 billion last year cuts staff by 50

Data observability platform Acceldata raises 50M

VCs still think work software is a wise investment

Alpha Edison leads customer service platform Thankfuls 12M round

EdgeDB raises 15M ahead of the launch of its cloud database service

Lucky is bringing brands retailers together with its take on product merchandising

Fiverr Enterprise aims to streamline managing large groups of freelancers

HICX raises 30M to give companies visibility into their supply chain

Weights Biases raises 45M for its machine learning tools

Timescale announces 15M investment and new enterprise version of TimescaleDB

Postman raises 50 million to grow its API development platform

Celonis secures another 1B to find and fix process problems in enterprise systems

Should earlystage startups join in on the cloud marketplace fun

Andrew Ng to talk about how AI will transform business at TC Sessions: Enterprise

Enable lands 94M to help B2B companies manage their rebate programs

TechCrunch roundup: eVTOL takes off pivoting with agility when to hire a lawyer

Extra Crunch Live: Join Greylocks Asheem Chandna today at 3pm EDT 12pm PDT on the future of enterprise and cybersecurity investing

Software robot startup UiPath lands funding from Madrona and others plans Seattlearea expansion

Hugging Face raises 235M from investors including Salesforce and Nvidia

Storj brings lowcost decentralized cloud storage to the enterprise