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Germanys Smava raises 65M to expand its consumer loan portal

Fiix raises 12M to smooth out the asset maintenance process

Placerai a location data analytics startup raises 12 million Series A

PQShield raises 7M for quantumready cryptographic security solutions

Y Combinators Jessica Livingston on Dropbox IPO: It was just a dream of ours

Microsoft is putting HoloLens to work with new Dynamics 365 applications

ICT Investment Trends in Large Enterprises: Technological innovations are promoting ICT investments MarketResearchReportsbiz

How startups can leverage elastic services for cost optimization

Addapptation snares 13M seed to build a better UX for Salesforce

Ampere launches new chip built from ground up for cloud workloads

Slite looks to build a new smarter notes tool for internal teams

Google acquires cloud migration platform Alooma

Emergences Jason Green thinks some of the tech backlash is justified but the B2B opportunities still outweigh the challenges

Edgybeess new developer platform brings situational awareness to live video feeds

New investment firm wants to change the way we fund early stage companies from New Hampshire

How Trulia began paying down its technical debt

New Relic snags early stage serverless monitoring startup IOpipe

Kong donates its Kuma control plane to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Cardiologs raises 64M to bring image recognition to EKG analysis

WhatsApp finally earns money by charging businesses for slow replies

Sensu raises 10M to build a robust monitoring system for all your different operations

Intel Capital pumps 72M into AI IoT cloud and silicon startups 115M invested so far in 2018

BlueOcean uses automation to deliver affordable brand audits in seven days

Fleetsmith lands 30M Series B to grow Apple device management platform

Google doubles down on its Asylo confidential computing framework

72 hours left on earlybird pricing to TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019

SmartDrive snaps up 90M for intruck video telematics solutions for safety and fuel efficiency

Boxs Aaron Levie says it will take creativity and focus to get through this crisis

Blueshift announces 15M Series B to expand AIfueled crosschannel marketing tool

GitLab hauls in 268M Series E on 2768B valuation

Strix Leviathan wants to build a better enterprise platform for crypto trading

Tradeshift Frontiers innovation lab hopes to drive blockchain adoption in the global supply chain

Snark AI looks to help companies get ondemand access to idle GPUs

75M legal startup Atrium shuts down lays off 100

Where top VCs are investing in construction robotics

Startups Weekly: Whats up with YC Plus mobility layoffs and Airbnbs grand plans

CircleCI closes 56M Series D investment as market for continuous delivery expands

Google takes Hire its G Suite recruitment platform to its first global markets UK and Canada

Accenture announces intent to buy French cloud consulting firm

ScopeAI helps companies analyze their customer feedback

Rubrik acquires Datos IO to expand into NoSQL database management support

Microsoft gives 500 patents to startups

Why Billcom didnt pursue a direct listing

Google details its approach to cloudnative security

RealityEnginesAI raises 525M seed round to make ML easier for enterprises

Toss Lab raises 13 million Series B for its collaboration platform JANDI the Slack of Asia

Serverless computing could unleash a new startup ecosystem

Zebras SmartSight inventory robot keeps an eye on store shelves

Citizens Reserve is building a supply chain platform on the blockchain

Fivetran announces 15M Series A to build automated data pipelines