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Matter Labs scores 50M from a16z to bring zeroknowledge rollup scaling to Ethereum

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Axie Infinitys Ronin network suffers 625M exploit in largest DeFi hack to date

Coatue leads a 69420000 funding round

Everledgers Kemp and Omises Hasegawa join TC Blockchain

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Web3 digital identity startup Unstoppable Domains said to seek funding at 1 billion valuation

Fantasy startup investing NFT platform Visionrare shuts down paid marketplace after a day in open beta

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Watr launches ESGoriented blockchain for commodities partners with Algorand

Twitter Blue subscription users are first to gain access to a new NFT Profile Picture feature

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Token and equity management startup Sprout raises 3M led by Sequoia

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Former OpenSea exec arrested and charged with insider trading of NFTs

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Web3 Proof of attendance startup raises 10M to mint shared memories as NFTs

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eToro bringing crypto trading and wallet to the US

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