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Zizoo a bookingcom for boats sails for new markets with 74M on board

Leko Labs gets 21M to build greener

London startup Weaver gets 4M to build out a vetted marketplace for home renovations

Tyk raises 35M for its open source openended approach to enterprise API management

Marietje Schaake is very concerned about the future of democracy

Production of 3D Printed Promethus Rocket Engine Demonstrator Moves Along with New 75M Contract

Experience marketplace Pollen lays off 69 North America staff furloughs 34 in UK

Trading platform Bitpanda raises 263M at a 41BN valuation

Blacksharkais digital twin of Earth attracts 20M in funding

Raisin the platform for savings and investments acquires pension startup Fairr

Frances strategy for EU startup policies: Talent and money

Accel closes 575M fund to double down on European and Israeli Series A deals

This startup just raised 320M to make longterm care inside hospitals obsolete

TechCrunchs top 16 picks from Techstars April virtual demo days

UK drone startup seesai gets go ahead to trial beyondvisuallineofsight BVLOS flights

Facebook under fresh political pressure as UK watchdog calls for ethical pause of ad ops

Sylvera grabs seed backing from Index to help close the accountability gap around carbon offsetting

Acast acquires podcast database Podchaser

Rasa raises 13M led by Accel for its developerfriendly open source approach to chatbots

Telemedico gets 66M to grow the reach of its digital health SaaS

Calling Helsinki VCs: Be featured in The Great TechCrunch Survey of European VC

France probes Apple over iPhone planned obsolescence complaint

Apple may have given us a hint at its ARVR headsets name

TechCrunch roundup: 2022 enterprise predictions Justworks IPO startup theses to watch for

Wecasa raises 177 million for its home care and wellness marketplace

As investors and founders mature Vienna emerges as a European startup hub

Covestro and Farsoon Strengthen Partnership to Create Engineering Powders

Sproutai raises 11m Series A led by Octopus Ventures to apply AI to insurance claims

Look out language teachers a synthetic human could be about to take your job

Inside a European push to outlaw creepy ads

Index and Atomico back Teatime Games a stealthy new startup from QuizUp founders

Calling Athens VCs: Be featured in The Great TechCrunch Survey of European VC

Chattermill raises 8M Series A to enable companies to gain customer feedback insights at scale

UK Cyber startup Immersive Labs acquires USbased Snap Labs and theres a climate angle

Greenly helps you measure your carbon emissions from a modern dashboard

Holded the business operating system for SMEs gets 6M in Series A funding led by Lakestar

Fintech startup Glint decloaks to offer a multicurrency account and card that supports spending gold

Wildmoka grabs 8 million to help you clip live video in real time

Edtechs honeymoon might be over but expect a second boom

More speakers panels at The Europas and how to get your ticket free

Adyen alumni raise 26M seed to launch Silverflow a cloudnative card payments processor

Changing how we approach data privacy to unlock economic opportunities

This startup just created a fast accurate COVID test that only needs saliva and links to an app

Orbiit raises Seed funding to automate the interactions within an online community

This startup hopes to get us to Net Zero via its platform to construct wooden buildings

GetYourGuide picks up 484M passes 25M tickets sold through its tourism activity app

Lack of big tech GDPR decisions looms large in EU watchdogs annual report

Kaia Health gets 10M support for AIpowered management of chronic pain

Verbit lands 250M Series E at a 2B valuation to expand its AIpowered transcription platform

Africa Roundup: Local VC funds surge Naspers ramps up and fintech diversifies