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Facebook is weaponizing security to erode privacy

ACLU calls for a moratorium on government use of facial recognition technologies

Tech industry continues push to shape federal facial recognition laws

Boston bans most city use of facialrecognition tech in privacy win

Elizabeth Warren bites back at Zuckerbergs leaked threat to KO the government

LAPD used facial recognition software tied to wrongful arrests

Robots ruin the fun of Wheres Waldo with facial recognition

People are fighting algorithms for a more just and equitable future You can too

Facial Recognition Biometrics Market 20182025 Estimated to Grow with a Healthy CAGR during Forecast Period

Facebook updates its controversial facial recognition settings

Chinese Airbnb competitor rolls out facial recognition locks

Surprise Amazon8217s suggestions for facial recognition laws wouldn8217t govern them at all

Amazon defeated shareholders vote on facial recognition by a wide margin

Keeping artificial intelligence accountable to humans

Unbiased algorithms can still be problematic

Facebook has autoenrolled users into a facial recognition test in Europe

Look out Face ID: This hat can fool facial recognition

Congressman calls out Amazons performative facialrecognition moratorium

New York legislature votes to halt facial recognition tech in schools for two years

Facial recognition video surveillance highlight new privacy resolution passed by Portland lawmakers

Maine voters double down on facial recognition ban in win for privacy

CBP does not make it clear Americans can optout of airport face scanning watchdog says

Congress needs to pass this facial recognition ban now

Microsoft calls for better facialrecognition regulation to prevent abuse

Australias facial recognition database will now include drivers licence photos

Portland officials want to ban private use of facial recognition technology citing accuracy problems

Shareholders reject efforts to rein in Amazons sale of facial recognition tech to law enforcement

A Chinese Airbnb competitor is rolling out facial recognition locks

Amazon under greater shareholder pressure to limit sale of facial recognition tech to the government

Clearview AI controversial facialrecognition company focused on cybersecurity gets hacked

Amazonmade Rekognition software now able to detect fear

Seattles King County becomes first US county to ban government use of facial recognition software

Facebook sends ceaseanddesist to facial recognition startup Clearview AI over photo scraping

AOC vs Amazon: Alexandria OcasioCortez warns of bias in tech giants facial recognition tech

Rite Aid surveilled customers using facial recognition tech with links to China

Is Americas national security Facebook and Googles problem

Why AI needs more social workers with Columbia Universitys Desmond Patton

Immigrants trusted Maryland to give them licenses Then ICE betrayed them

Truefaceai integrates with IFTTT as the latest testcase of its facial recognition tech

New Jersey halts police use of creepy Clearview AI facialrecognition app

Federal study confirms facial recognition is a biased mess

Cities must plan ahead for innovation without leaving people behind

Bipartisan bill proposes oversight for commercial facial recognition

RD Roundup: Smart chips dream logic and crowdsourcing space

How to turn off Facebooks new face recognition features

Control this ebike with your face 8212 Future Blink

Lawsuits allege Microsoft Amazon and Google violated Illinois facial recognition privacy law

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Clearview AI the facialrecognition company stealing Facebook photos gets hacked