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Bluecore marketing automation platform raises 35 million in Series C

One of the youngest fund managers in the US just launched her own accelerator too

Insurance startup Bright Health raises 200M at 950M valuation

4 million richer Walrusai has a pitch for companies looking for QAtesting tools

Work Life Ventures raises 5M for debut enterprise SaaS seed fund

Verkada raises 80M at 16B to be every buildings security OS

Jeremy Conrad left his own VC firm to start a company and investors like what hes building

NakedPoppy launches curated beauty marketplace for wellness junkies

Literati raises 40M for its book club platform

Ginkgo Bioworks dev shop for genetic programming is now worth 4 billion

Opsera raises 15M for its continuous DevOps orchestration platform

Where top VCs are investing in edtech

Cybersecurity insurance startup Coalition raises 90M Series C

Where top VCs are investing in construction robotics

A perfect storm for first time managers say VCs with their own shops

Popmenu earns raves from investors for its marketing and delivery software for restaurants

A look at Made Renovation which just raised 9 million in seed funding to zero in on bathroom remodels

Kudo raises 6M for its realtime translation and video conference platform

This startup just raised 12 million from top VCs to offer financial planning as an employee perk

Trulia founder Pete Flint backs real estate startup Modus

Uber Freight cofounders and top dealmakers join logistics startup Turvo

Providing supplemental educational videos online nets Osmosis 4 million

Forerunner just led a 35 million round for Homeroom a software platform for afterschool enrichment programs

PicnicHealth raises 25 million for its patient health record management service

Robot lawyer startup DoNotPay now lets you file FOIA requests

Former eBay product chief RJ Pittman takes the reins at 3D capture company Matterport

Where top VCs are investing in real estate and proptech Part 2 of 2

Woven adds to its calendar apps 20mo premium plan

Investors are waking up to the emotional struggle of startup founders

Juniper Square lines up 25M for its real estate investment platform

Xilis believes cultivating microtumors may hold the key to more effective cancer treatments

Home insurance provider Hippo brings in 70M amid a record year in funding for insurtech startups

VCs bet 12M on Troops a Slackbot for sales teams

Kyklo raises 85M to bring electrical distributors online

HyperScience the machine learning startup tackling data entry raises 30 million Series B

Kandji nabs 60M Series B as Apple device management platform continues to thrive