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Universit de Lorraine: Direct Waste Printing with PLA Pellets Versus FDM 3D Printing

Researchers Develop Ceramic Composite 3D Printing Material and Process Chain for FDM Printers

miniFactory Releases Aarni Monitoring System for FFF 3D Printing

Researchers Create Fuzzy Like PI Controller to Control FFF 3D Printer Extruder and Bed Heaters

The Effects of Nozzle Bed Distance on 3D Prints

BigRep Announces SPAC Deal for 3D Printing IPO on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

3D Printing News Briefs: March 13 2018

3D Printer Manufacturer Xioneer Systems Acquired by BellandTechnology VXL

Formula Student Team Turns to 3D Printing to Rapidly Produce EndUse Race Car Parts

DSM Helping Dutch Sports Initiative 3D Print Custom Sports Mouthguards On the Spot

3D Printing News Briefs June 20 2021

Desktop FDM 3D Printing: Tensile Strength of ABS PC HIPS PA and Ninjaflex

BCN3D Technologies Releases Open Source Files for Sigmax 3D Printer

BigRep Partners with Magigoo to Make Industrial LargeFormat 3D Printing Easier

3D Printing News Briefs November 27 2021: Sustainability Metal 3D Printing More

Quantifying and Predicting Energy Consumption of Desktop 3D Printers

3D Printing Material News: BigRep Releases Flexible Filament Army Researchers Using Recycled Plastic as 3D Printing Feedstock

Reducing 3D Printing Collisions with Toolpath Optimization Methodology

BigReps 2024 SPAC Deal: Set for Q1 Completion with 157M Valuation

3D Printing News Briefs April 13 2024: Robotics Orthotics Hypersonics

French Researchers Develop Algorithm to Generate Interior Ribbed Support Vaults for 3D Printed Hollow Objects

Hybrid 3D Printing Technique Creates PlasticMetal Structures All at Once

Comparison 3D Printing Techniques for Anatomical Mandibular Models

Analyzing FFF 3D Printing with HighPerformance Thermoplastics

New UL Study Reveals VOC Emission Rates are Higher in SLA vs FFF 3D Printing

NIAR SAE International Developing New Polymer 3D Printing Standards for the Aerospace Industry

University of California: 3D Printing with Magnetics Hexaferrite Materials