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France bans smartphones and tablets in schools

France wants to become an artificial intelligence hub

BlaBlaCar is optimizing its service for small cities and has a new visual identity

Funding Granted to French Medical Device Startup to Industrialize 3D Printable Tissue Reconstruction Polymer Platform

Bubble lets you create web applications with no coding experience

How Frances new digital minister plans to regulate tech

Badi gets 30M for AIaided room rentals

Feed raises 174 million for its Soylentlike food products

Upflow turbocharges your invoices

Shadow announces a new box for its cloud gaming service

Snap is channeling Asias messaging giants with its move into gaming

StarOfService switches business model for its independent contractor marketplace

Tech investors see bugs as a big business as nsect raises 125 million

Le Wagon launches parttime coding bootcamps

Shift Technology raises another 28 million to prevent fraudulent insurance claims

Emmanuel Macron meets with the French tech community

Adikteev raises 12 million for its mobile marketing platform

OpenIO raises 5 million to build your own Amazon S3 on any storage device

Skello raises 69 million for its staff management service

Axeleo Capital raises 51 million fund

Bubblz lets you collaborate on painful processes

Tempows Bluetooth stack can improve your TV setup

Agricool raises another 28 million to grow fruits in containers

Yubo is a social network about socializing

Lydia introduces credit lines

Lydia now supports Samsung Pay

Lime scooters are live in Paris

Malt raises 286 million for its freelancer platform

DreamQuark beefs up financial services through artificial intelligence

Antescofos Metronaut adds an orchestra when you play music

Revolut adds Apple Pay support in 16 markets

FrenchAustralian Research Collaboration Centers on Metallic 3D Printing and Marine Propellers

Axa Venture Partners raises 150 million earlystage fund

BlaBlaCar sells car insurance products from Axa

Forest raises 37 million for its administration interface to rule them all

Molotov creates a VR coffee shop to watch TV together

EU govt and public health sites lousy with adtech study finds

Criteo creates an AI lab in Paris

Qonto raises 23 million to improve business banking

Deepomatic raises 62 million for its industrial computer vision technology

Platformsh raises 34 million to simplify cloud deployment

Frances tax on tech giants passes first vote

Doctolib to open up telemedicine appointments

Shadow upgrades its cloud computer for gamers and opens signups to everyone

French dude sues France for seizing Francecom domain

Devialet is getting a new CEO

Devialet built a car audio system for Renaults Symbioz concept car

Shone wants to automate container ships

ReachFive manages logins and accounts for ecommerce platforms

Sqreen wants to become the IFTTT of web app security