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Doctolib is now a unicorn with new 170 million round

Glose raises 34 million for its collaborative reading app

iBanFirst raises 17 million to help companies move money around the world

Wildmoka grabs 8 million to help you clip live video in real time

Bubblz lets you collaborate on painful processes

Feed raises 174 million for its Soylentlike food products

ezCater acquires GoCater to expand beyond the US

ReachFive manages logins and accounts for ecommerce platforms

Bankin raises 226 million for its financial coach

OpenIO raises 5 million to build your own Amazon S3 on any storage device

Lydia introduces credit lines

The Family raises 174 million to support European startups

Lendix raises 37 million for its lending marketplace

OpenClassrooms raises another 60 million

Shadow announces a new box for its cloud gaming service

Dataiku raises 101 million for its collaborative data science platform

OpenClassrooms and Capgemini team up and launch an online apprenticeship program

France doesnt want to wait for European tax reform to tax tech giants

Frances Digital Minister Mounir Mahjoubi on French startups

GoCater spins out from La Belle Assiette to build a corporate catering marketplace

Frances tax on tech giants passes first vote

DreamQuark beefs up financial services through artificial intelligence

eFounders backs Yousign to build a European eSignature company

Foodles raises another 10 million for its cloud canteen

Meero raises 45 million for its ondemand photography service

StarOfService switches business model for its independent contractor marketplace

ManoMano raises 125 million for its home improvement ecommerce platform

Meet eFounders next batch of startups that want to redefine the future of work

Freelancer banking service Shine switches to paid subscriptions

Startup studio eFounders is gaining some serious traction

Doctolib details how telemedicine appointments work

Shift Technology raises 60 million to detect insurance fraud

Comet grabs 128 million for its engineering freelancer platform

Alan introduces Alan Blue a highend health insurance product

Station combines all your messy web apps into a single app

Court dismisses Paris lawsuit against Airbnb for illegal listings

Workwell wants to be the companion app for your office building

Shift Technology raises another 28 million to prevent fraudulent insurance claims

Shone wants to automate container ships

Lydia launches shared accounts for its mobile payment app

Relike lets you turn a Facebook page into a newsletter

Sqreen wants to become the IFTTT of web app security

Agricool raises another 28 million to grow fruits in containers

Criteo founder raises 19 million for ridesharing app Less

Yubo is a social network about socializing

Frances tax on tech giants is happening

Malt raises 286 million for its freelancer platform

Deliveroo opens its first shared kitchen in Paris

Nextdoor is expanding to France to connect neighbors

Aircall raises another 29 million