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Why Entrepreneurs Need to Fall in Love With Numbers

Unito a platform for managing SaaS apps raises 30M

Hardware IPOs continue to struggle

Boeing HorizonX invests in Berkeley aerospace battery tech startup

AB Tasty raises 40 million to optimize ecommerce user experience

Wealthsimple raises 610M at a 4B valuation

Meet Mighty an online platform where kid CEOs run their own storefronts a digital lemonade stand

PandaDoc announces second Series B extension worth 30M

3 unicorn takeaways from the Casper and One Medical IPOs

Robotics process automation startup UiPath raising 400M at more than 7B valuation

Lilium raises another 240M to design test and and run an electric aircraft taxi service

Super raises 50M to cover home repairs and maintenance via a subscription model

Avo raises 3M for its analytics governance platform

Mosyle rides its device management software to the bank raising 196M

StreetCred is building a blockchainbased marketplace for location data

Crowd Cow raises 8M as startup continues to grow its digital marketplace for craft meats

Japanese healthcare startup Bisu raises 32M seed round to launch its labonachip product

Pintarnya is building a super app for Indonesias blue collar workers

Robinhood raises 320M more bringing its latest round to 600M at an 86B valuation

Ciscos VC arm invests in Seattlebased manufacturing analytics software startup Seeq

Tech startups want to destigmatize sex

Temasek seeks emerging tech in China as it halts internet investments

IoT solutions provider iRam Technologies raises undisclosed amount from IT firm Inspira Enterprise India

TraceLink which helps pharma companies trace drugs through the supply chain just raised 93 million

ConverseNow is targeting restaurant drivethrus with new 15M round

Undertheradar payments app True Balance just clocked 100M in GMV in India

Airtable raises 52M to give noncoders tools to build complex software TechCrunch

Despite gains gender diversity in VC funding struggled in 2020

Indonesian fintech startup Moka raises 24M led by Sequoia India

Will the corporate venture boom lead to an MA frenzy

Unicorns arent profitable Wall Street doesnt care

Springboard raises 31 million to expand its mentorguided education platform to more geographies

Edtech company Kidaptive raises 191 million for its adaptive learning platform

HealthJoy raises 125M Series B to help employees make the most of their healthcare benefits

Alpaca raises 50M to rapidly scale its APIdelivered equities trading business

noissue raises 10M Series A to expand its global sustainable packaging platform

Whats the catalyst behind the crypto crash

Equity Monday: Startups run low on cash and why some Internet tailwinds are fading

Foursquare buys Placed from Snap Inc on the heels of 150M in new funding

Cross River Bank goes from tiny to mighty with a 3B valuation and a cryptofirst strategy

Does it smell like teen spirit or teen bankruptcy

Brazilian motorcycle rental startup Mottu revs up with 40M to help more Latin Americans become couriers

ZayZoon charges employees 5 to get paid sooner

Fintech startup Tag valued at 100 million in Pakistans largest seed round

Digital greeting card startup Givingli wraps 3 million seed round

Liquifi is building the Carta of web3 for companies issuing tokens on the blockchain

Bowery an indoor farming startup raises 90 million more including to counter a SoftBankfunded rival

How to get the most from your corporate VC after you get the check

Bardeen raises 153M for browserbased workflow automation

Better Tomorrow Ventures closes on 225M fintechfocused fund which is triple the size of its last fund