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DeepMinds new AI can beat humans at 57 Atari games

Daily Crunch: Facebook possibly considered buying Unity

VR gaming startup ForeVR Games raises 10M to grow its library of Wii Sportslike titles

Unity CEO says half of all games are built on Unity

This AI mashes up existing games to create new ones

Cloudfirst game studio Mainframe raises 81M led by Andreessen Horowitz

Netflix and YouTube might be coming to your Nintendo Switch soon

Sports community platform Stadium Live raises 10M to expand its digital world for Gen Z

He always wanted in the game and now Shotcalls Gordon Li is helping fans play alongside creators

Daily Crunch: Embedded finance fintech Pezesha raises 11M preSeries A equitydebt round

Sonys proposed fullbody gyroscope controller for VR looks incredibly fun

Nine lessons on how Niantic reached a 4B valuation

This Sony patent could mean the PlayStation 5 will actually be the PlayStation V

Playstudios launches blockchain gaming division and 10M web3focused fund

Tencent created AI agents that can beat StarCraft 2s Cheater AI

India doesnt plan to limit play time for online game usage

Amazon reportedly working on game streaming service talking to publishers about signing up

VC Peter Relan helped launched Discord now hes brewing up two new incubators

PlayVS picks up 50 million Series C to build out high school esports

Tilting Point expands its user acquisition fund to 132M in annual spending

Remote physical gaming site Surrogatetv raises a 25M seed round

Android 12 will let you play games before they finish downloading

Call of Duty Mobile crosses 100 million downloads in just a week

9 Berlinbased VCs discuss how COVID19 has changed the landscape

Ready Player Me a platform to build dynamic crossgame avatars for virtual worlds raises 56M led by a16z

RIP Steam Controller 20152019: Valve is selling off its inventory

How did this tiny startup put live moving people into a fullblown 3D landscape instantaneously

This video game lets you throw tampons at menstrual haters and I love it

Krafton says it has invested over 100 million in India and wants to become more than just a gaming company

Nvidia replicated the moon landing with RTX graphics

Statespace the platform that trains gamers raises 15 million

Disdain for NFTs in video games is part of a slow green revolution

My Tamagotchi Forever brings the 90s to your smartphone

Facebook steps into cloud gaming and another feud with Apple

Nvidia reveals its RTX graphics cards with gamechanging ray tracing tech

Irish virtual sports giants new startup bets big on rugby in bid for US market share

Gaming infrastructure startup Pragma raises 12M from Greylock Mark Pincus and others

Global Gaming Keyboard Mouse Market 2017 Logitech Microsoft Kensington Razer Lenovo Wacom Zagg HP Samsung

Viveport Infinity is good heres how HTC can make it great

Nintendo will let you hack your Labo creations with Toy Con Garage feature

Gaming Chairs Market Research Forecast Study to 2024 presents an indepth strategic assessment of the Gaming Chairs

Sequoia Games looks to capitalize on NBA Top Shot fever with their own AR tabletop game

Super Mario Bros 3 the greatest game ever just turned 30

Sony announces investment and partnership with Discord to bring the chat app to PlayStation

Researchers created an AI to help you suck less at video games

VC Peter Relan helped launched Discord now hes brewing two new incubators

Online Gaming Market Size Application Analysis Types Regional Outlook

Google pushes VR further with standalone Daydream headsets

Yesojos Nintendo Switch projector dock is a dream accessory

Epic Games CEO says Apex Legends hasnt made a dent in Fortnite