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Roblox pushes toward avatar realism plans to add NFTlike limited edition items

Rainway debuts game streaming for Xbox One allowing users to play PC games on a console

Xbox Game Pass is adding EA Play games to its lineup

Tom Nook is richer than Jeff Bezos but does this raccoon deserve all that wealth

Femaleled Robin Games raises 7 million to combine lifestyle content with fantasy gaming

Designers have an obligation to make gaming accessible for people with disabilities

Carry1st has 4M to invest in African mobile gaming

Geek of the Week: 30 years later DigiPen and Jason Chu still in the game with unique education model

5 top gaming investors explain how the pandemic is reshaping MMOs and social games

MTG acquires mobile racing game studio Hutch Games for up to 375 million

Unity CEO says half of all games are built on Unity

Researchers teach Hearthstone bot to dominate Legend rank players

PortalOne raises 60M as it levels up to launch its hybrid immersive gaming platform later this year

This founder is dedicated to making a mobile game without giving in to intrusive ads

Volleys voice games for smart speakers have amassed over half a million monthly users

Why Magic: The Gathering is AIs toughest challenge

Athlane looks to connect brands and esports streamers with a fresh 33 million in funding

ObjectiveEd is building a better digital curriculum for visionimpaired kids

Mobile gaming startup Homa Games raises 50 million

HQ Trivia nabs Target to sponsor game with biggest ever single winner prize of 100K

Niantic acquihires Evertoon to add a social network to Pokmon Go and other apps

Kahoot the educational gaming startup has raised another 15M now at a 300M valuation

The Great Reset

Voodoo Games thrives by upending conventional product design

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit gets unofficial remote play on Surrogatetv

The Outer World will satiate your need for characterdriven RPG experience

Admix raises 7M to bring more ads to games VR and AR

3D Gaming Console Market Segmentation and Development Trends 20182025: Sony Corporation Microsoft Corporation Nintendo Co Limited Logitech Apple Inc Oculus VR Electronic Arts Activision Publishing

First startups then goblins Tech CEOs unite around Dungeons Dragons embrace their inner geek

What is Roblox worth

Bunch scores 38M to turn mobile games into video chat LAN parties

Horizon raises another 5M to put virtual items on the blockchain and launch its first game

Sentons launches SurfaceWave a processor and tech to create softwaredefined surfaces that supercharge touch and gesture

Unannounced Tomb Raider sequel leaked through teaser site source code

PC Gaming Headsets Market Industry Report Global Market Scenario and Growth Strategies

Alienwares Elite Gaming Mouse feels like a winner in these giant hands of mine

Gaming Chairs Market Research Forecast Study to 2024 presents an indepth strategic assessment of the Gaming Chairs

Fortnite Battle Royale gets an updated map

Study: Loot boxes in games are enticing but they dont actually manipulate you into spending

On the heels of its NTWRK investment FaZe Clan looks at global expansion despite pandemic

End Game the startup behind Zombs Royale raises 3M

JJ Abrams and Tencent combine to form Bad Robot Games

Riots message to esports pros: We want no part of Hong Kong controversy

Harry Potter the Platform and the Future of Niantic

HQ Trivia shuts down after acquisition falls through

Google Project Stream will let you play Assassins Creed in Chrome

A love letter to my entrancing Nintendo Switch

China roundup: Games are opium algorithms need scrutiny

Im loving the new Rocksmith beta but definitely not uninstalling RS2014 yet

Singaporebased game studio Mighty Bear raises 25M ahead of debut release