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Detroitbased Signal Advisors raises 10M Series A led by General Catalyst

Building tech for worker safety Guardhat Technologies is a company that could only come from Detroit

Where top VCs are investing in digital health

This startup just raised 12 million from top VCs to offer financial planning as an employee perk

Providing healthcare to lowerincome communities values Cityblock Health at 1 billion

RiskRecons security assessment services for third party vendors raises 25 million

Fractyl Labs raises 44 million in Series D to develop a treatment for type 2 diabetes

A tale of two startups with superstore ambitions: Robinhood and Cadre

Bowery an indoor farming startup raises 90 million more including to counter a SoftBankfunded rival

Used cars platform Spinny raises 65 mn from General catalyst

Dialpad acquires video conferencing service Highfive

Karius raises 165 million for its liquid biopsy technology identifying diseases with a blood draw

Freebird flies off with 8M to rescue passengers after flight cancellations

UKs WhiteHat rebrands as Multiverse raises 44M to build tech apprenticeships in the US

Where top VCs are investing in fintech

Coda CEO Shishir Mehrotra on the future of the document

Longtime VC Neil Sequeira: funding founders without inperson meetings is quite difficult

Render raises 45M for its DevOps platform

Oscars health insurance platform nabs another 225 million

Vroom nabs 146M from AutoNation VCs for its used car marketplace

As demand for mental health services soars SonderMind raises 27 million to expand its services

Olive a startup developing an automation tool for healthcare administration raises 51 million

FamPay a fintech aimed at teens in India raises 38 million

With at least 13 billion invested globally in 2018 VC funding for blockchain blows past 2017 totals

BuzzFeed CTO joins mens health startup Ro

BuzzFeeds former CTO joins mens health startup Ro

Contentful raises 80M Series E round for its headless CMS

Meet SoundCloud rival Audius free antitakedowns

Sydneys AirTree Ventures closes 275M fund as Aussie unicorns gather pace

Fresh tickets to our 14th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party

Extra Crunch Live: Join Alexia and Niko Bonatsos for a QA today at 2 pm EDT11 am PDT

Linking combat veterans and Valley engineers Reveals drone technology wins DoD contracts VC cash

Extra Crunch Live: Join GCs Peter Boyce and Katherine Boyle for a live QA today at 4pm ET1pm PT

Kernel raises 53 million for its noninvasive Neuroscience as a Service technology

Hear from investors at General Catalyst FirstMark and Shasta at TC Sessions: ARVR

Prisma cofounders raise 1M to build a social app called Capture

LatAmfocused corporate spend startup Clara raises 30M months after its last round

Color raises 167 million funding at 15 billion valuation to expand last mile of US health infrastructure

Bicycle Health the virtual opioid use disorder therapy service will soon be available in 25 states

Contentful raises 335M for its headless CMS platform

Product Hunt Radio: The rise of voice and the evolution of VC

Collective a back office platform that caters to businesses of one just landed a hefty seed round

Arrcus snags 30M Series B as it tries to disrupt networking biz

Final ticket release to the 14th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party

Announcing the agenda for TC Sessions: ARVR in LA on October 18

Startups Weekly: The unicorn from down under an Uber TV show and All Raises expansion

Ro a directtoconsumer online pharmacy reaches 500M valuation

Enterprise AR is an opportunity to do well by doing good says General Catalyst

Macro just raised 43M to make your neverending Zoom calls more useful

Listen to us talk about undercorns IPOs and what going public is really about