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Karius raises 165 million for its liquid biopsy technology identifying diseases in a drop of blood

No one knows how effective digital therapies are but a new tool from Elektra Labs aims to change that

The genomicsfocused Illumina Accelerator backs five new companies

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Healthcare by 2028 will be doctordirected patientowned and powered by visual technologies

Startup Spotlight: YouScript warns doctors of metabolic traffic jams caused by prescription drugs

Agtech startup Imago AI is using computer vision to boost crop yields

George Churchs genetics on the blockchain startup just raised 43 million from Khosla

Companies tracking mutations in cancer cells can provide a key to unlocking better therapies

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23andMe cofounders new startup Precisely brings genomics to India through Narayana partnerhsip

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Human sequencing pioneer George Church wants to give you the power to sell your DNA on the blockchain

DeepMind claims early progress in AIbased predictive protein modelling

Startup ID Genomics launches nonprofit ARMADA to fight deadly antibioticresistant infections

Softwares meteoric rise: Have VCs gone too far

C2i a genomics SaaS product to detect traces of cancer raises 100M Series B

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Driving down the cost of preserving genetic material Acorn Biolabs raises 33 million

Viscient Biosciences is Leveraging 3D Bioprinting for Drug Discovery

Stratos Genomics raises 20M to commercialize fast DNA sequencing technology

XGenomes is bringing DNA sequencing to the masses

Genomics Market is expected to reach a revenue of 93318 million by 2023

Color is launching a highcapacity COVID19 testing lab and will opensource its design and protocols

Amid COVID19 pandemic experts lay out 10point plan for a genomic revolution in public health

125 million for Inscripta may usher in the next wave of genetic engineering

UW Seattle Childrens and Fred Hutch launch 50M Institute for Precision Medicine using genetics to revolutionize health

Personalized Medicine and Epigenomics Market Research Report showing Compound annual growth rate and forecast till 2024 Planet Market Reports

New telemedicine service The Cusp rolls out athome hormone test for women to predict menopause

Biotech researchers venture into the wild to start their own business

Spearhead is transforming founders into angel investors

FoodShot Global is digging up innovation for soil health as part of its first prize competition

Genomics startup Helix receives 33 million in NIH funding to scale COVID19 testing

African genomics startup 54gene raises 25M to expand precision medicine capabilities

Is Americas national security Facebook and Googles problem

Karius raises 165 million for its liquid biopsy technology identifying diseases with a blood draw

Sano Genetics a startup helping with Long Covid research raises 25M in seed funding

Mammoth Biosciences aims to be Illumina for the gene editing generation

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Diagnostics startup ID Genomics snags NIH grant to develop rapid test for COVID19 variants

AI is ready to take on a massive healthcare challenge

Peer Medical allows lung cancer patients to anonymously share treatments with each other

Phase Genomics wins 15M grant to peer inside microorganisms DNA

One way to grow Seattles biotech economy: Start small

UK biotech startup Mogrify injects 16M to get novel cell therapies to market soon

Cat celebrity Lil Bub lends poop to Seattle startup leading to discovery of new kinds of bacteria

Verily Alphabets other moneymaking nonGoogle business partners with Color on genetic analysis

Tia Health gets over 24 million to build a network of holistic health clinics and virtual services for women