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After paying out 250000 in 2018 GitHub plans to boost bug bounty bonuses

Daily Crunch: US law enforcement agencies take down identity theft marketplace

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Daily Crunch: With 4M preseed round Casava sets new funding record for African insurtech

Serverless Stack raises 1M for opensource application framework

Boastai raises 23M to help businesses get their RD tax credits

Scaling startups are setting up secondary hubs in these cities

Microsoft agrees to buy GitHub for 75B vows to let popular coding site operate independently

DeepCode cleans your code with the power of AI

Amid cryptos talent war Encode Club mints new web3 developers

Polygon founder raises 50M for emerging marketsfocused web3 venture fund

DuckDuckGo removes carveout for Microsoft tracking scripts after securing policy change

Microsoft has acquired GitHub for 75B in stock

Protestware on the rise: Why developers are sabotaging their own code

DoControl raises 30M for nocode security tools for cloud app logins

For founders who want to launch apps being nontechnical is not a limitation

Polyrize raises 4M for its nextgen authorization platform

Report: Microsoft has talked with GitHub about possible acquisition

Cortex raises 15M Series A to help development teams wrangle their microservices

Application security testing platform Code Intelligence raises 12M Series A

Apples CSAM detection tech is under fire again

Heres where Microsofts GitHub acquisition ranks among the tech giants largest deals

Decrypted: How Twitter was hacked GitHub DMCA backfires

Rebuilding employee philanthropy from the bottom up

Render raises 45M for its DevOps platform

Fintechs next decade will look radically different

Zilliz the startup behind the Milvus opensource vector database for AI apps raises 60M relocates to SF

Why would Microsoft want GitHub Developers developers developers and the cloud

SoftBank sinks 200M into Andela propels company into unicorn territory

Snap snaps up database developer KeyDB to make its infrastructure more snappy

Sourcegraph raises 20M to bring more live collaboration to coding

Study finds most big opensource startups outside Bay Area many European and avoiding VC

Enso Security raises 6M for its application security management platform

DX exits stealth mode looking to help developer teams be more productive

As digital tracking wanes companies turn to online communities for direct access to customers

Data startup Axiom secures 4M from Crane Venture Partners emerges from stealth

LaunchDarkly CEO Edith Harbaugh explains why her company raised another 54M

GitHubs epic exit Domos dicey math and Dataminrs big raise

GitHub alumni are building Rewatch a solution for your Zoom fatigue

Iterative raises 20M for its MLOps platform

Zilliz the startup behind the Milvus open source vector database for AI apps raises 60M relocates to SF

DeepCode gets 4M to feed its AIpowered code review tool

Dataworld raises 12M to help Fortune 500 companies close the great data divide

Cased announces 225M seed round to help developers work in production environments

Datree gets 3M seed round to build DevOps policy engine in GitHub

Elon Musk dualclass shares and who owns the future

Visualizing the cloud: Timelapse takeaways from the GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit

GitHub slows hiring for certain roles as it prioritizes strategic hires

As it awaits the close of the Microsoft deal GitHub strikes partnership deal with Google Cloud

HireSweet helps employers find candidates that arent actively looking to change jobs