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Nvidia breaks records in training and inference for realtime conversational AI

GitHub CEO: Despite AI gains demand for software developers will still outweigh supply

Application security testing platform Code Intelligence raises 12M Series A

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GitHub slashes engineering team in India

Microsoft reportedly to acquire GitHub software development platform

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As digital tracking wanes companies turn to online communities for direct access to customers

DuckDuckGo removes carveout for Microsoft tracking scripts after securing policy change

PlanetScale raises 50M Series C as its enterprise database service hits general availability

GitHub adds Package Registry which allows GitHub users to publish software packages alongside source code

1Password acquires SecretHub and launches new enterprise secrets management tool

Chinas startup ecosystem is hitting back at demanding working hours

China roundup: Beijing wants tech giants to shoulder more social responsibilities

Deepfake video app Avatarify which process onphone plans digital watermark for videos

Polyrize raises 4M for its nextgen authorization platform

With Microsoft deal pending GitHub launches new educational package for computer science students

Orkes founded by the creators of Netflixs open source Conductor workflow orchestration tool comes out of stealth with 93M

Cycode raises 20M to secure DevOps pipelines

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Developers and cloud rivals will be watching Microsofts plans for Azure and GitHub very closely

Cortex raises 15M Series A to help development teams wrangle their microservices

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman steps down Julia Liuson named president of Microsoft Developer Division

Enso Security raises 6M for its application security management platform

Tech Moves: Techstars Seattle adds director Redfins head of industry relations departs more

Vercel raises 102M Series C for its frontend development platform

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Microsoft reaches deal to buy GitHub announcement could come Monday report says

Progai wants to help recruiters find technical talent by inferring skills from GitHub code

Google has quietly added DuckDuckGo as a search engine option for Chrome users in 60 markets

Operation Covid19 will allow selfreporting of cases to get ahead of official figures

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Layer gets 56M to make joint working on spreadsheets less hassle

Longevica takes in 25M as it launches open research resources to examine life extension

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