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Googles WaveNet machine learningbased speech synthesis comes to Assistant

Google plans to double NYC workforce to 14K vying for talent against Amazons new headquarters site

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Googles Doodle contest for kids returns with 80K in prizes

Google CEO set to testify in front of Congress on Dec 5

CVCompiler is an robot that fixes your resume to make you more competitive

The White House will meet with tech execs to talk transformational ideas

After getting crushed by Googles AlphaGo humanitys top Go player will try to beat Chinese AI

Chinas ByteDance leapfrogs Uber to becomes worlds most valuable startup

Google unveils Cloud AutoML a new set of cloud services that promise easier machine learning

German antitrust office starts asking questions about online ad platform giants

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Unilever warns social media to clean up toxic content

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Amazon now lets you broadcast messages between Echo speakers

YouTube TV finally gets a home on big screens

Chromebooks to get new Windows 10 dualbooting feature called Campfire

Google Chrome just fixed the worst thing about the internet

Investing in frontier technology is and isnt cleantech all over again

Google announces Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 its cheaper squeezable alternatives to iPhone

Google is adding vertical videos recorded by celebrities to search results

Google reportedly personalizes search results even when youre in incognito mode

Someone figured out how to remap Active Edge on the Pixel 2

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ECommerce: Is Your Product Ready to Compete Digitally

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A happier fitter more comfortable life in virtual reality

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Facebook lures gamers with inapp tipping for livestreams

The Infatuation raises 30M from Jeffrey Katzenbergs WndrCo to bring Zagat into the digital age

Google fined 5 billion by EU for abusing Androids dominance to restrict competition

New Thermostat E is the bargain Nest for everyone

After 16 years Alphabets Eric Schmidt is stepping down as executive chairman

Save 25 on a Google Smart TV Kit at Walmart and upgrade your TV and home into a smart one

Ada nets 19 million Series A to grow its customer service chatbot

Crunch Report The tech companies helping to educate the public on fake news and how to get free Postmates Unlimited

Larry Pages flying car project finally takes to the air

Republicans think social media companies censor opposing political viewpoints

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Review: Apples iPhone XR is a fine young cannibal

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Sources: Google is buying Lytro for about 40M

Google reportedly shuts down its Chinese censored search project

Google promises it wont use AI to cause overall harm after employee rebellion

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