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Mark Zuckerberg actually calls for regulation of content elections privacy

UK watchdog wants disclosure rules for political ads on social media

Sean Parkers govtech Brigade breaks up Pinterest acqhires engineers

China continues 5G push despite economic slowdown and Huawei setbacks

Xiaomi CDRs SoftBanks successors and Chinas Samsung investigation

Foxconn or Foxgone Tariffs Wisconsin and iPhone fires

Ed Lee SF mayor who had a close relationship with the tech world has died aged 65

The clock is ticking for ecig companies to block underage users

A huge spreadsheet naming ICE employees gets yanked from GitHub and Medium

US lawmakers warn Canada to keep Huawei out of its 5G plans

Innovations in inclusive housing

Trump and Clinton spent 81M on US election Facebook ads Russian agency 46K

How the trade war with China hit Ubers public offering

Higher Ground Labs backs 13 startups to help Democrats win in 2018 and beyond

US announces timeline for 25 tariff on Chinese tech products

Zuckerberg fires back at Tim Cook opens up about fake news

Palmer Luckeys defense company Anduril is already leading to arrests at the southern border

Australia rushes its dangerous antiencryption bill into parliament despite massive opposition

Dragonfly ethics and infrastructure spending

Which public US universities graduate the most funded founders

Europe dials up pressure on tech giants over election security

Can predictive analytics be made safe for humans

Another day another US company forced to divest of Chinese investors

Democratic Senators question Juul about its Altria deal

In State Tectonics an explosive ending for the future of democracy

Global Railway Grease Market Size Shall Grow With a Prominent CAGR In Forecasting Year

UK police to get more powers to curb drone misuse after Gatwick fiasco

Surprise delivery: Amazon HQ receives 150k signatures urging company to stop selling facial recognition software to cops

Star Wars returns: Trump calls for spacebased missile defense

DoorDash partners with food stamp startup mRelief

A flawbyflaw guide to Facebooks new GDPR privacy changes

Data experts on Facebooks GDPR changes: Expect lawsuits

EU parliament pushes for Zuckerberg hearing to be livestreamed

Frances telecom regulator thinks net neutrality should also apply to devices

The overlooked opportunity in tackling public finance

HQ2 fight continues as New York City and Seattle officials hold antiAmazon summit

3D Printing News Briefs: March 9 2019

Google gets slapped 5BN by EU for Android antitrust abuse

Trump wants to just tariff the hell out of China

Senators urge FTC to look into shady ad practices in apps for kids

After losing half its value Nvidia faces reckoning

Puerto Rico governor says Lets talk after Elon Musk offers to solve the islands power crisis

Plot twist: Jeff Bezos affair leak may have been Saudi government attack

UK government invests 194M to commercialize quantum computing

Tech regulation in Europe will only get tougher

Keeping artificial intelligence accountable to humans

WTF are CDRs other than a potential trilliondollar market

Sean Parkers BrigadeCauses acquired by govtech app Countable

3D Printing News Briefs: June 12 2018

Global Government Biometrics Market 2022: Competitors Focus on Improving Identification Accuracies