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3 Tips for Starting a Business in the Hemp Industry

White House bans personal cellphone use in the West Wing

Days after pledging to expand internet Ethiopias govt shuts it off

FCC fines Swarm Technologies 900K over unauthorized satellite launch

Privacy group calls on US government to adopt universal AI guidelines to protect safety security and civil liberties

The California Consumer Privacy Act officially takes effect today

Trumps executive order attacking social media companies faces its first legal challenge

Axon adds license plate recognition to police dash cams but heeds ethics boards concerns

Trump administration slashes basic science research while boosting space AI and quantum tech funding

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Trump announces 60 billion tariff on Chinese hightech and other goods

COVIDhit UK startups cry out for help as UK gov trails Europe in its response

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Jina Choi SF Regional Director of the SEC is coming to Disrupt to talk ICOs and more

Alphabets Sidewalk Labs to turn Toronto area into a model smart city

Remix picks up 15 million to help cities make better decisions around transit

Forensic Architecture redeploys surveillancestate tech to combat statesponsored violence

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Zuckerberg defends political ads that will be 05 of 2020 revenue

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Football trumps the shutdown: Pentagon TV network cleared to air NFL playoffs