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UK opts for slow reboot of Big Tech rules pushes ahead on privacy reforms

Microsoft says Iranian hackers targeted a 2020 presidential candidate

GSA looks into facial recognition bias and improving accessibility in federal web services

Sen Wyden proposes limits on exportation of Americans personal data

China roundup: Games are opium algorithms need scrutiny

Apple Google Microsoft WhatsApp sign open letter condemning GCHQ proposal to listen in on encrypted chats

British AI startup Faculty raises 425M growth round led by Apax Digital Fund

Flush with 42M hot AI startup Faculty plans to hooverup more PhDs and steer clear of politics

Everything is accelerating in the exponential age

Agolos summarypowered search brings in government work and fresh funding

Interest rates and fears of a mounting trade war send tech stocks lower

Dear Sophie: How will this election nailbiter affect immigration

China is funding the future of American biotech

3D Printing News Briefs July 8 2021: Sintavia 6K Nexa3D Marotta Controls CRP Technology HILOS Angled ETH Zurich Jalopnik

RideAlong is helping police officers deescalate 911 calls with data designed for the field

Startup Law A to Z: Regulatory Compliance

A decade after the bubble burst 5 climate tech investors explain why theyre all in

Risks and rewards of digital therapeutics in treating mental disorders

China continues 5G push despite economic slowdown and Huawei setbacks

Daily Crunch: Apple Stores begin to reopen

How the tech industry is responding to Russias invasion of Ukraine

TikToks epic rise and stumble

Who are the next billion users and what do they want

UK workplace rights reform doesnt look disruptive to gig economy giants

Dear Sophie: How can US tech companies support Ukrainians with immigration

With more cash and a launch Vannevar Labs is reconnecting Silicon Valley to its defense industry roots

Equity Shot: The DoJ Google and what the suit could mean for startups

Grasshoppers Judith Erwin leaps into innovation banking

Restrictions on acquisitions would stifle the US startup ecosystem not rein in big tech

In revamped transparency report Apple reveals uptick in demands for user data

Social media should have duty of care towards kids UK MPs urge

The deplatforming of a president

To defeat Elon Musk Twitter needs more NFTs

Zuck and Sandberg go MIA as Congress summons Facebook leadership by name

Alphabets Sidewalk Labs to turn Toronto area into a model smart city

NVIDIA and OpenAIs capped returns

Airspace Links drone tracking platform gathers government customers before going global

IEXs Katsuyama is no flash in the pan

Inside the history of Silicon Valley labor with Louis Hyman

Chinas Xpeng in the race to automate EVs with lidar

The California Consumer Privacy Act officially takes effect today

Matt Cutts on solving big problems with lean solutions at the US Digital Service

Australia rushes its dangerous antiencryption bill into parliament despite massive opposition

Boulder Care opioid treatment platform picks up traction during coronavirus

As Cook and Pichai leave China Valley confronts rising internet tyranny in worlds second largest market

Higher Ground Labs backs 13 startups to help Democrats win in 2018 and beyond

Section 230 barely rates a mention in Senates hasty preelection flogging of tech CEOs

China reportedly infiltrated Apple and other US companies using spy chips on servers

How Have I Been Pwned became the keeper of the internets biggest data breaches

Kamala Harris brings a view from techs epicenter to the presidential race