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Facebook and Twitter face a short deadline on Russian bot ReleaseTheMemo reports for Congress

The Green New Deal is long on vision short on details and a potential windfall for startups

New bill bans US government agencies using contractors with Huawei or ZTE tech

UK government invests 194M to commercialize quantum computing

Justice Department accuses Chinese spies of hacking into dozens of US tech and industry giants

Sidewalk Labs blueprint for a mini smart city is a massive data mine

Commission Impossible part two: How enemies gathered around net neutrality

Tech giants take seats on Homeland Securitys new supply chain task force

FCC wants to stop spending on gear from companies that pose a national security threat

UK workplace rights reform doesnt look disruptive to gig economy giants

White House will host tech industry for AI summit on Thursday

Internet titans ask for flexibility with new election ad regulations

Foxconn or Foxgone Tariffs Wisconsin and iPhone fires

Startup Law A to Z: Regulatory Compliance

Huawei employees reportedly aided African governments in spying

Why startups need to be careful about export licenses and the Huawei ban

Microsoft has no problem taking the 10B JEDI cloud contract if it wins

Corporations and private investors are backing new green deals as climate worries mount

How cities can fix tourism hell

Apples response to Congressional privacy inquiry is mercifully free of horrifying revelations

Trumps Supreme Court nominee opposes net neutrality supports NSA bulk collection

Facebook finally hands over leave campaign Brexit ads

Global Government Biometrics Market 2022: Competitors Focus on Improving Identification Accuracies

50 tech CEOs come to Paris to talk about tech for good

Amazon latest to face UK complaint over bogus selfemployment

Jina Choi SF Regional Director of the SEC is coming to Disrupt to talk ICOs and more

FTC creates antitrust task force to monitor tech industry

The New York Times sues the FCC to investigate Russian interference in Net Neutrality decision

Turkish President Erdogan calls for boycott of US tech

Homeland Securitys Jeanette Manfra is coming to Disrupt SF

Facebook Microsoft and others sign anticyberattack pledge

Internet pioneers plead with Congress to preserve net neutrality

Trumps visa restrictions aimed at Chinese STEM students to start in June

Makers or breakers

Qualcomms war may be over but the casualties are just starting to be calculated

Just In Time Implants: New Australian Project Will Use 3D Printing and Robotic Surgery in Bone Cancer Treatment

What to expect from tomorrows antitrust hearing featuring big tech

Can we ever evaluate technical debt

GCHQ Cyber Accelerator doubles down for second intake

3D Printing News Briefs: March 9 2019

Minimum investment for EB5 investor green card expected to more than double

Fake news threat to democracy report gets backburner response from UK govt

Geoengineering could solve our climate problems if anyone allowed it

Google gets slapped 5BN by EU for Android antitrust abuse

Surprise delivery: Amazon HQ receives 150k signatures urging company to stop selling facial recognition software to cops

Vector Virgin and a mystery team will compete in DARPAs 34M launch challenge

Facebooks wider Kremlin Brexit ad sweep draws a blank

Russian hackers used bitcoin to fund election interference so prepare for FUD

After losing half its value Nvidia faces reckoning

Facebook security chief rants about misguided algorithm backlash