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As possible EC fine nears Apple claims Spotify is trying to get limitless access to its tools without paying

No ChatGPT in my court: Judge orders all AIgenerated content must be declared and checked

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Beijing calls on cloud providers to support AI firms

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Should VCs back the FTC suit against Amazon

EU watchdog questions secrecy around lawmakers encryptionbreaking CSAM scanning proposal

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Unpicking the rules shaping generative AI

Senate hearing with five social media CEOs was a missed opportunity

India and Singapore link UPI and PayNow in crossborder payments push

UK rejoins Europes Horizon RD program after prolonged Brexit stalemate

Startups should absolutely work with governments to support defense projects

Winning wireless with American strengths

India orders Paytm Payments Bank to halt business

Congress probes Fords big battery deal with Chinas CATL

SoftBank NEC Sony Toyota more team up for Rapidus Japans bid for nextgen chip domination

Dear Sophie: Is there a domestic pilot program for H1B and L visa stamping

Google hit with 270M fine in France as authority finds news publishers data was used for Gemini

AI leaders warn Senate of twin risks: moving too slow and moving too fast

Kodiak Robotics wins 50M to help US Army build AVs for recon surveillance

The DOJs case against Apple adds to a growing pile of antitrust problems for Cupertino

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fines BloomTech for false claims

UK probes Amazon and Microsoft over AI partnerships with Mistral Anthropic and Inflection

EU lawmakers back transparency and safety rules for generative AI

EU business crowdfunding is now bound by blocwide regulations

Whither Israel Israeli tech players comment on the impact of the countrys convulsions

EUs competition unit takes a deeper look at Amazons iRobot acquisition

Inside the metaverse hype train at MWC 2023

FCC moves to outlaw AIgenerated robocalls

Regulators are looking harder at insider stock sales by SVB execs which really added up

Senate study proposes at least 32B yearly for AI programs

Big Tech AI infrastructure tieups set for deeper scrutiny says EU antitrust chief

Google users not given sufficient choice over its data processing says German antitrust watchdog

Apple faces special antitrust abuse regime in Germany

Google antitrust complainants call for EU to shutter its Shopping Ads Units

TechCrunch Minute: Why the company behind Trumps Truth Social joined the growing IPO trend

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India resurrects data privacy bill following abrupt pullback last year

Big Tech and industry lobby groups accused in EU transparency complaints

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India grappling with election misinfo weighs up labels and its own AI safety coalition