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Amazons climate pledge commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and 100 renewables by 2030

Sylvera grabs seed backing from Index to help close the accountability gap around carbon offsetting

Sustainable microgrids are the future of clean energy

Zume inks deal with ABB to deploy 2000 plasticreducing robots

Google announces 18 new renewable energy deals

Smart electric panel company Span gets a 90M jolt of cash

Volvo AB and Daimler Trucks team up in hydrogen fuel cell joint venture

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Ford boosts spending to increase production capacity of its F150 Lightning electric truck

Sweep helps corporations live up to their lofty carbon promises

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Pyka adapts its autonomous electric plane for cargo runs with a 37M round

Postmates unveils Serve a friendlier autonomous delivery robot

Heimdal pulls CO2 and cementmaking materials out of seawater using renewable energy

Climate change AI and ethical leadership in big tech with Amazon principal UX design lead Maren Costa

California will require all passenger vehicles sold in the state be zeroemission by 2035

Fund managers can leverage ESGrelated data to generate insights

Intellihot stokes a more efficient fire under your office boilers

GM to introduce two new allelectric cars by 2019 in path to zero emissions

Generation closes 1B growth fund targeting sustainable startups

With new tech and 36M seed DiviGas aims to clean up hydrogen production

Pivot Bio rakes in 430M round D as modified microbes prove their worth in agriculture

Synthetic biology startups are giving investors an appetite

FloWater just raised 15 million to put bottled water out of business

SEC investigating Tesla over solar panel defect allegations

Carmakers rushing to defend the EV tax credit in face of proposed cut

Biden admin policy change could tip solar and wind projects into profitability

Plastic upcycling startup Novoloop raises 10M Series A extension to accelerate commercialization