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AI construction startup Versatile raises a 20M Series A

Tractian which uses AI to monitor industrial equipment raises 15M

Should Oracle or Alphabet buy VMWare instead of Broadcom

AI chip designer Moffett AI raises tens of millions of dollars in Series A round

Aukey introduces an extremely compact 100w charger

Waverly Labs new wearable translator arrives in April at 200

Withings brings EKG readings to its hybrid smartwatch

Crunch Report Razer Looks to Raise 550 Million in Hong Kong IPO

Twoyearold NUVIA sells to Qualcomm for 14 billion

Daily Crunch: Facebook acquires a neural monitoring startup

Royole looks to move flexible displays beyond the foldable phone

Navier wants to democratize the waterways with leisure boats starting at 300K

Calling all cosmic startups pitch at TechCrunchs 2020 Space event in LA

Bose is carving out 50 million for startups using its new audiofocused AR tech

Prototype prosthesis proffers proper proprioceptive properties

Liteboxer is the next contender in the VR fitness ring

Hellman Friedman acquires controlling interest in SimpliSafe

The road to recurring revenue for hardware startups

Truphone raises 38M at 516M valuation as its eSIM business crosses 4M profiles

Ampere announces latest chip with a 128 core processor

Hardware Security Module HSM Market Sales and Growth Rate Analysis 2018 to 2025

Wireless charging firm Aira raises 12M

Sidekick embraces remote working with alwayson teleconferencing hardware

Bring on the mobile weirdness

Hardware Encryption Devices Market Analysis of Global Trends Demand and Competition 20182025

Plotlogic scoops up 18M to put hyperspectral imaging to work in the mines

C4 Ventures raises 88M fund for postSeries A startups in a postCOVID19 world

Nvidias new 360Hz GSync displays are tailormade for esports

Silentmodes PowerMask is a 200 connected relaxation mask

OnePlus cofounder Carl Pei raises 7 million for his new venture

Eargos latest hearing aid improves bandwidth and noise cancelation

Whisper announces 35M Series B to change hearing aids with AI and subscription model

Tripp acquires EvolVR to help more people fly higher in the metaverse

Arkive is building the worlds first decentralized museum

Elvie adds a nonelectric breast pump and cups to its growing femtech portfolio

MIT and Boston Dynamics team up on Dr Spot a robot for remote COVID19 vital sign measurement

Kneron releases its first automotivegrade chip for ADAS and AV systems

Google launches OpenTitan an opensource secure chip design project

As retail robotics heats up Berkshire Grey raises 263M

Sleep apnea retrofit designed by doctors and engineers could help address ventilator shortage

Nomads Base Station Pro with Aira FreePower tech finally realizes the promise of wireless charging

Axon adds license plate recognition to police dash cams but heeds ethics boards concerns

LightForce Orthodontics wolfs down 50M to straighten out that crooked smile of yours

TouchWood puts versatile unobtrusive interfaces inside your desk table and walls

Augusts Smart Locks proved to be the key to my smarthome puzzle

The Dreamlight Zen uses lights and music to help wearers relax

Electrical worker safety startup launches a COVID19 workplace distance and contact tracker

Qualcomm launches its nextgen 5G modem and mmWave antenna

China closing in on massive new chip fund in bid to dominate US semiconductor industry

Yubico unveils its latest YubiKey 5C NFC security key priced at 55