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Kentik raises 235M for its network intelligence platform

US giants top tech industrys 100M a year lobbying blitz in EU

Honeywell says it will soon launch the worlds most powerful quantum computer

The White House hopes tech employees will drive government innovation

50 tech CEOs come to Paris to talk about tech for good

Lenovos 25th anniversary ThinkPad is a huge throwback to 1992

Why now is the time to get ready for quantum computing

IBM led on patents in 2017 Facebook broke into top 50 for the first time

Decrypted: The tech police use against the public

Google Analytics prepares for life after cookies

IBM snaps out of its revenue doldrums breaking a fivequarter losing streak in Q4

Why Microsoft IBM Google and Boeing are taking a giant leap into quantum computing

IBM to acquire open source company Red Hat for a whopping 34 billion

Noetic Cyber emerges from stealth with 15M led by Energy Impact Partners

US patents hit record 333530 granted in 2019 IBM Samsung not the FAANGs lead the pack

Partnership Developing Joint Nanoimprint Lithography Solution for Producing 3D Optical Structures

Microsoft teamed up with OpenAI to build a massive AI supercomputer in Azure

Microsoft says it teamed up with OpenAI to build a massive AI supercomputer in Azure

IBM gets woke pulls facial recognition software from law enforcement

The largest software acquisition ever: IBM to buy Red Hat for 34B

Tyk raises 35M for its opensource openended approach to enterprise API management

IBM sues Expedia alleging online travel giant built its business on Big Blues patents

IonQ claims it has built the most powerful quantum computer yet

We had blockchain for dinner at CES with IBM and celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez

Microsofts Guthrie claims Azure is seeing blockchain momentum but thats not moving the cloud needle any time soon

Venture investors and startup execs say they dont need Elizabeth Warren to defend them from big tech

Microsoft and the second Softbank Vision Fund as another play for corporate cloud dominance

IBMs Dario Gil will showcase quantum computing progress at Disrupt SF

Crunch Report TBH Facebook Bought TBH So Snap Couldnt

Talkdesk nabs 100M at more than 1B valuation for its smart call centers

Blockchain technology helps these farmers be more sustainable

The CIA wants to upgrade its cloud tech without DoDs JEDI drama

IBM launches new version of its private cloud with builtin Kubernetes support

Eigen nabs 37M to help banks and others parse huge documents using natural language and small data

Honeywell announces its H1 quantum computer with 10 qubits

You can now get your own artistic portrait in the style of a master thanks to AI

A new era for enterprise IT

Ray Dalio Niantic Adobe Dropbox remote work Northzone and Slack

Extra Crunch roundup: SaaS founder salaries breakeven neobanks Google Search tips

Space is open for business

Udacity debuts a dedicated School of AI with three new nanodegrees

QC Ware Forge will give developers access to quantum hardware and simulators across vendors

Microsoft and Amazon rise in patent rankings Ford lands in top 10 Samsung and IBM take top spots

Spains Factorial raises 80M at a 530M valuation on the back of strong traction for its Workday for SMBs

Jesse Proudman leaves IBM to start new AIbased cryptocurrency startup says he cant kick the entrepreneurial bug

Americas largest companies push for federal online privacy laws to circumvent state regulatory efforts

Ghost wants to retrofit your car so it can drive itself on highways in 2020

Nexford University lands 108M preSeries A to scale its flexible remote learning platform

Affirming the position of tech advocates Supreme Court overturns Trumps termination of DACA

AItool maker Seldon raises 71M Series A from AlbionVC and Cambridge Innovation Capital