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IBM acquires Italys MyInvenio to integrate process mining directly into its suite of automation tools

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Rigetti Computing took a 71 million down round because quantum computing is hard

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AI will create new jobs but skills must shift say tech giants

CausaLens gets 45M for nocode technology that introduces cause and effect into AI decision making

Gatsby raises 15M Series A for its modern web development platform

AliceBob a quantum computing startup raises 30M to launch its first fault tolerant cat qubit computers in 2023

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Quantum computing not AI will define our future

Venture investors and startup execs say they dont need Elizabeth Warren to defend them from big tech

Port of Rotterdam Charting a Course to Digitization with 3D Printing IBMs IoT Technologies Digital Twin

Maybell Quantums Icebox is a small fridge for large quantum computers

Tyk raises 35M for its open source openended approach to enterprise API management

Extra Crunch roundup: SaaS founder salaries breakeven neobanks Google Search tips

The hybrid cloud market just got a heck of a lot more compelling

Employment lawyers puzzled over IBMs noncompete suit against Microsofts new diversity chief

On balance the cloud has been a huge boon to startups

Top 10 Cloud Technology Market

Rezilion raises 30M help security operations teams with tools to automate their busywork

Red Hat donates a key opensource Kubernetes tool to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Twitters Rinki Sethi on why CISOs win when security is a shared responsibility

IBM led on patents in 2017 Facebook broke into top 50 for the first time

Decrypted: The tech police use against the public

AliceBob a quantum computing startup raises 30M to launch its first faulttolerant cat qubit computers in 2023

The White House hopes tech employees will drive government innovation

Five experts explain how software development and operations teams are adjusting to the rapid changes caused by cloud computing

QC Ware Forge will give developers access to quantum hardware and simulators across vendors

Airbus and IBM Developing a 3D Printed Robot Named CIMON to Support Astronauts on the ISS

UKs Oxford Quantum Circuits snaps up 47M Series A for QaaS

Autonomous Mayflower research ship will use IBM AI tech to cross the Atlantic in 2020

Microsoft and the second Softbank Vision Fund as another play for corporate cloud dominance

Microsoft Amazon other tech giants forge ahead on healthcare data sharing pledge

Meet the TrashBot: CleanRobotics is using machine learning to keep recycling from going to waste

IBM publishes its quantum roadmap says it will have a 1000qubit machine in 2023

IBM Watson will now run on thirdparty clouds like Amazon Web Services

Jesse Proudman leaves IBM to start new AIbased cryptocurrency startup says he cant kick the entrepreneurial bug

Khazenly an Egyptian ondemand warehousing and fulfiLlment platform raises 25M seed funding

Kenyas Apollo Agriculture raises 6M Series A led by Anthemis

Mixtape Podcast: Oracles alleged 400M issue with underrepresented groups

Hardware startup Norths big pivot bet on wearable computing and platform shifts

Austrias PlanRadar which digitizes construction and real estate docs raises 70M Series B

IBM is acquiring APM startup Instana as it continues to expand hybrid cloud vision

Zindi rallies Africas data scientists to crowdsolve local problems

UKs Oxford Quantum Circuits snaps up 47M for quantumcomputingasaservice