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Roblox EC1 immigration requirements doubling grief in the workplace and cannabis startups

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Decrypted: The tech police use against the public

As the pandemic creates supply chain chaos Craft raises 10M to apply some intelligence

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Five experts explain how software development and operations teams are adjusting to the rapid changes caused by cloud computing

PSPDFkit raises 116M its first outside money now nearly 1B people use apps powered by its collaboration signing and markup tools

Investor Jocelyn Goldfein to join us on AI panel at TechCrunch Sessions: Enterprise

IBM Research develops new macromolecule that could counter antibiotic resistance

Red Hat donates a key opensource Kubernetes tool to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

US giants top tech industrys 100M a year lobbying blitz in EU

IBM Cloud suffers prolonged outage

Microsoft and the second Softbank Vision Fund as another play for corporate cloud dominance

Airbus and IBM Developing a 3D Printed Robot Named CIMON to Support Astronauts on the ISS

You can now get your own artistic portrait in the style of a master thanks to AI

Senegals NIMA Codes to launch address app in 15 African countries

Space is open for business

IBM Watson CTO Rob High on bias and other challenges in machine learning

Rigetti Computing took a 71 million down round because quantum computing is hard

Thought Machine closes 200M for its cloud native banking SaaS and becomes a unicorn

Americas largest companies push for federal online privacy laws to circumvent state regulatory efforts

Microsoft says it teamed up with OpenAI to build a massive AI supercomputer in Azure

IBM Africa and Hello Tractor pilot AIblockchain agtech platform

Rigetti raises 79M Series C for its quantum computing platform

Video and messaging enable remote work But is it right for your company

The UK and USA need to extend their special relationship to technology development

IBM and The Weather Channel launch detailed local COVID19 maps and data tracking

We had blockchain for dinner at CES with IBM and celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez

Daily Crunch: IBM sells off Watson Health unit to private equity firm Francisco Partners

Microsoft teamed up with OpenAI to build a massive AI supercomputer in Azure

Autonomous Mayflower research ship will use IBM AI tech to cross the Atlantic in 2020

Linear Labs nextgen electric motor attracts 45 million in funding

Austrias PlanRadar which digitizes construction and real estate docs raises 70M Series B

IBM sues Zillow accuses the real estate giant of building key features using Big Blues tech

US patents hit record 333530 granted in 2019 IBM Samsung not the FAANGs lead the pack

AWS IBM launch programs to encourage developers solving COVID19 problems

PagerDuty raises 90M to wake up more engineers in the middle of the night

Gatsby raises 15M Series A for its modern web development platform

On balance the cloud has been a huge boon to startups

Announcing the agenda for TC Sessions: Enterprise San Francisco September 5

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African crowdsolving startup Zindi scales 10000 data scientists

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