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LG hints at new dualscreen phone with gamethemed IFA invite

LGs OLED wall goes virtual along with other IFA goodies

3D Printing News Briefs: September 18 2018

Yes Facebook is using your 2FA phone number to target you with ads

Google Assistant is bilingual at last

What are the Ethics of 3D Scanned and 3D Printed Museum and Archeological Artifacts

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Motorola One Zoom is the most beautiful phone Ive seen in years

Acer Swift 7 is a ridiculously thin light and small laptop

Equifax screwed up yet again and its scrambling to fix this latest mess

Samsungs massive 8K QLED TV will hit stores in October

PayPal bans Proud Boys Gavin McInnes and antifa groups

Most of the Fortune 100 still use flawed software that led to the Equifax breach

Wikifactory Partners with Fablabsio Introduces New Workflow Features

IFA Berlin tech show canceled will return in 2022

Wikifactorys Docubot Challenge Creates a Hardware Solution for Documentation

Facebook removes Trump campaign ads that contain Nazi symbols

Handson with Samsungs improved Galaxy Fold: This one probably wont break

Huaweis Honor Play gaming phone lets you frag like a pro on the go

Holy sheets: Multifactor authentication bug locks out Office 365 users

Yubico unveils its latest Yubikey 5C security key priced at 55

3D Scanning Reveals Details of Ancient Scottish Standing Stone

Fintechs next decade will look radically different

Yubico unveils its latest YubiKey 5C NFC security key priced at 55

Agtech startup iFarm bags 4M to help vertical farms grow more tasty stuff

iFactory One 3D Printer Features Artificial Intelligence Error Protection

miniFactory Makes FDM Specific Technical Datasheets with Validated Materials for PEI and PEKK

Equifax just reminded us that its still the goddamn worst

Global MultifamilyHOA Property Management Software Market 2017 Yardi Systems RealPage Entrata MRI Software

Sonys new Android phones can 3D scan your whole head in less than 60 seconds

3D Printing News Briefs April 18 2021: Dyndrite Carbon KAUST Art Institute of Chicago

Actually youre not getting that 125 from Equifax warns the FTC

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Amazons Ring Neighbors app exposed users precise locations and home addresses

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Museum as mobile game: Pacific Science Center pilots unique Tomorrow Corps challenge

IFA 2019: Get ready for one very unusual tech show

Huawei says its new smartphone chip is faster than Snapdragon in almost every way

DoorDash customers say their accounts have been hacked

More Caves From Chinas Yungang Grottoes are Reproduced Thanks to 3D printing

On top of everything else Equifax hackers got 10 million drivers licenses

Facial recognition company says it did not provide proof that antifa stormed the Capitol

The best tech of IFA 2018

Europes biggest tech show wont be about phones and thats a relief

Antifacom now takes you to the White House8217s website This doesn8217t mean anything

TCL announces smartwatch for seniors new type of zero eye strain display

Week in Review: Netflixs big problem and Apples thinnest product yet

Facebook announces its cracking down on both QAnon and Antifa

How Cost Effective are 3D Printed Adaptive Aids for Arthritis Patients

Salesforce plans to opensource the technology behind its Einstein machinelearning services