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Spain to fine Booking nearly 500M for elbowing out smaller firms

Inside the Tech to Protect hackathon that aims to help emergency responders with new technology

Fabrisonic Luna Innovations EWI: 3D Printed Smart Baseplate for Powder Defect Detection

Founders Factory and Nesta to launch startups tackling UKs social and environmental problems

Memfault raises 24M to help companies manage their growing IoT device fleets

Seattle mayor taps City of Ottawas CIO as chief technology officer

Oregon senator proposes privacy regulations with prison and revenue penalties for data misuse

OpenAI rival AI21 Labs raises 64M to ramp up its AIpowered language services

Opinion: Tech lords threatening to pull services should stop crying wolf

Allocate banks 5M to open up venture capital fund access

4 Ways Digital Media Startups Can Survive the Next 5 Years

Warren denounces Amazon for trying to tilt the Seattle City Council elections with 145M

Volvo invests in UK software startup to boost EV charging speed by 30

Trump: Google Amazon and Facebook could be an antitrust situation

Portland quietly launches mobile location data project with Alphabets controversial Sidewalk Labs

Europes unprecedented space crisis to end on July 9 with Ariane 6 launch

Axon rolls out police body cameras with livestreaming capability

Sprint and TMobile make merger case to House committee pledging to take on cable companies and accelerate 5G

Elizabeth Warrens bold plan to break up Big Tech would unwind major acquisitions and thats just the beginning

Waabis Raquel Urtasun explains why it was the right time to launch an AV technology startup

Tesla supplier STMicroelectronics to build 5B EV chip fab in Italy

Washington states economy ranked highest in the nation despite relatively low investment per capita

These 19 tech giants are on the EUs new naughty list

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Tech concentration in big cities is growing leaving rural America behind study finds

How consumer technology is driving smart cities

Photos and documents reveal Amazons future Queens home and how New York lured the company

Aurora launches autonomous freight pilot with Werner expands terminal network

NATO backs UK startup building ultralight materials for rockets fighter jets and F1 cars

Seattle moves forward with plan to bring Uber and Lyft regulations in line with taxis

Europes Juice space mission blasts off towards Jupiter

Is Amazon selling facial recognition software to ICE Exec fields tough questions at NY hearing

Amazon discreetly visits HQ2 cities in Phase 2 of extraordinary second headquarters competition

More than 900 Amazon employees plan climate change walkout in solidarity with youth activists

8 things were excited about at TNW Conference day 2

CityBldr raises cash prepares to expand to California with software that reveals hidden real estate value

Join the QA with top speakers at TC Sessions: Robotics AI March 3

Understanding the Jobs to Be Done Theory for Breakthrough Innovation VIDEO

Amazon lays out positions on privacy immigration climate and other issues on new policy page

Using ADHD Productivity Hacks to Work Faster Than Normal Book Excerpt

EU wants music streaming platforms to pay artists more fairly

Uber seeks unlikely alliance with Londons iconic black cabs

In the year of HQ2 Amazons 2018 lobbying budget ballooned to a record 142 million

These are the new jobs generative AI could create in the future

Volvo taps UK software startup to boost EV charging speed by 30

Telecoms giant BT wants to turn old broadband boxes into EV chargers

Video: Affordable housing activists storm Amazon HQ demanding higher taxes on corporations

Axon to add automatic license plate readers to police car systems

Netherlands to build laser pointer for ESA black hole space mission

AI trained on ape DNA predicts genetic disease risks for humans