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Intels latest chip is designed for computing at the edge

Cardiomatics bags 32M for its ECGreading AI

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Walmart acquires virtual clothing tryon startup Zeekit

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Chinese crackdown on tech giants threatens its cloud market growth

Social SafeGuard scores 11M to sell alerts for branddamaging fakes

Salvador Dal237 deepfake brings legendary surrealist to life at Florida museum

Yobe launches with 18M seed to pinpoint a voice in noise

Evolve Foundation launches a 100 million fund to find startups working to relieve human suffering

Lightmatters photonic AI ambitions light up an 80M B round

Facebook Google and Twitter told to do more to fight fake news ahead of European elections

This unsettling DIY skin interface will definitely end up on a sex robot

C2A raises 65M for its incar cybersecurity platform

Ford CTO Ken Washington at TC Sessions: Mobility on July 10

Facial recognition startup Kairos founder continues to fight attempted takeover

Google takes a break from being evil to announce AI Platform

Direct Gas Flow Anesthesia Market Size Industry Growth Analysis Forecast: 2023

Airport to use autonomous robots to blast floors with UVC light

Volocopters fullyelectric autonomous manned multicopter is ridiculously cool

Chinas Source Code Capital raises 570M as it builds a powerful investor network

Five ways to bring a UX lens to your AI project

AI musicians are coming soon to your Spotify playlists

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Blue Canoe takes on language learning with a focus on pronunciation

Conversational analytics are about to change customer experiences forever

3D Systems Acquires Oqton to Drive 3D Printing for Production

Bots on Twitter share twothirds of links to popular websites: Pew

Watch Google CEO Sundar Pichai testify in Congress on bias China and more

Artificial intelligence scores another victory in diagnosing breast cancer

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Tin Powder Market Size Share Development by 2024 Industry Today

Weights Biases raises 45M for its machine learning tools

Biome Makers closes 4M to assess the quality of the gut bacteria of a farms soil

TechCrunch roundup: Yahoo leaves China Nubank IPO B2C expansion tips

These are the competitive pressures driving automakers to accelerate new tech adoption

MIT AI tool can predict breast cancer up to 5 years early works equally well for white and black patients

Amazon Robotics head Tye Brady will be speaking at TC Sessions RoboticsAI 2020 at UC Berkeley

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TNW announces Neural: A blog for humancentric AI news and analysis

DoNotPay the AI lawyer for your inbox now lets you report businesses for tax fraud

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Learn Chinese at home with Lily a smart speaker that has raised more than 1 million on Indiegogo

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SessionM customer loyalty data aggregator snags 238 M investment

OctoML raises 85M for it for its machine learning acceleration platform

Aurora Insight emerges from stealth with 18M and a new take on measuring wireless spectrum

Cytokines Market Growth Factors Applications Regional Analysis Key Players and Forecasts by 2024

The US Navy is developing AIpowered submarines that could kill autonomously