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Cycode raises 20M to secure DevOps pipelines

These are the competitive pressures driving automakers to accelerate new tech adoption

Getty Images leads 16M investment in Promocom a social video template tool

What the Bolsonaro victory means for Brazils startup ecosystme

BrainQ aims to cure stroke and spinal cord injuries through mindreader tech

ORIX invests 60M in Israeli crowdfunding platform OurCrowd

Skyline AI raises 18M Series A for its machine learningbased real estate investment tech

Adaptive Shield raises 4M for its SaaS security platform

Mysterious company is using Facebook to build a massive facialrecognition database

Hub Security raises 5M Series A for its cryptography platform

Precision farming startup Taranis gets 20M Series B for its crop monitoring tech

Tyto Care raises 50 million as it looks to buy and build new services during COVID19 demand surge

Alibaba is buying Israeli startup Visualeads tech to establish a Tel Aviv RD center

Sisense nabs 100m at a 1B valuation for accessible big data business analytics

Extra Crunch roundup: 2 VC surveys Teslas melt up The Roblox Gambit more

In Israel a blockchain and crypto hypercluster is just getting started

Decrypted: DEA spying on protesters DDoS attacks Signal downloads spike

Chemi Peres of Pitango VC joins us at TechCrunch Tel Aviv June 7

Planck Re scores 12M Series A to simplify insurance underwriting with artificial intelligence

Mentio wants to help your team make decisions

Your emoji can prove intent in court

Google is building a new private subsea cable between Europe and the US

ifeel another wellbeing platform that blends selfcare tools with 121 therapy scores 66M

Intelligo is using AI to make background checks relevant again

Swimm raises 57M to help teams document their code

1800 Contacts buys the athome eye exam provider 6over6 Vision

Hunters raises 15M Series A for its threathunting platform

Zebra Medical Vision gets 30M Series C to create AIbased tools for radiologists

Laurel Bowden of VC firm 83North on the European deep tech and startup ecosystems

Haifa: Technion Opens Center Dedicated to Bioprinting

Bird launches navigation app to help riders stay in the right lane

A look back at the Israeli cyber security industry in

Intel has invested 132M in 11 startups this year on track for 300M500M in total

K Health expands into virtual childcare and raises 132 million at a 15 billion valuation

A look back at the Israeli cyber security industry in 2018

Startups Weekly: Theres an alternative to raising VC and its called revenuebased financing

Xjets Dror Denai Making the Impossible Possible

Mobileye expands its robotaxi footprint with a new deal in South Korea

The Station: Audi punts on Level 3 Lyft layoffs and Nios 1 billion deal

Datree gets 3M seed round to build DevOps policy engine in GitHub

Eight Roads Ventures Europe shifts its gears towards diversity appointing Lucile Cornet to Partner

Juganu begins selling its tunable lighting system for pathogen disinfection and deactivation in the US

Overstocks investment arm funded blockchain for wine

Buildots raises 16M to bring computer vision to construction management

Ride Vision raises 7M for its AIbased motorcycle safety system

Eight Roads Ventures Europe appoints Lucile Cornet to Partner

The Cultured Meat Revolution: Singapore and Israel One Step Closer to Commercializing Lab Grown Chicken

Techstars Detroit announce first class after major refocus

What the Bolsonaro victory means for Brazils startup ecosystem

C2A raises 65M for its incar cybersecurity platform