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Microsoft and Red Hat unveil opensource project that automatically scales Kubernetes clusters in response to events

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Upbound grabs 9M Series A to automate multicloud management

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Helm an opensource project for managing Kubernetes apps gets its own home inside the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Heptio launches new opensource loadbalancing project with Kubernetes in mind

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VMware jumps on the Kubernetes bandwagon with a new managed service for a multicloud world

Microsofts Azure Container Instances which lets you deploy containers with utter disregard for hardware now generally available

As Kubernetes surged in popularity in 2017 it created a vibrant ecosystem

Red Hat and Microsoft teaming up for a managed OpenShift service on Azure

RedHats CoreOS launches a new toolkit for managing Kubernetes applications

Google doubles down on the service mesh and hybrid cloud as it kicks off its big cloud event

Heptio launches an opensource load balancer for Kubernetes and OpenStack

Seattles Upbound introduces Crossplane an opensource project to help companies manage applications across multiple public clouds

Oracle cloud acquisitions bear fruit with a new serverless platform and container services

Soloio raises 11M to help enterprises adopt cloudnative technologies

Red Hat acquires CoreOS for 250 million in Kubernetes expansion

Four years after its release Kubernetes has come a long way

Takeaways from KubeCon the latest on Kubernetes and cloud native development

Hasura snares 16M seed for developerfocused Kubernetes solution

IBM Cloud Private brings cloud native computing to your data center

Google hopes Cloud Code encourages developers to deploy their apps to Kubernetes

Googles serverless computing strategy starts to take shape as it chases Amazon Web Services and Microsoft

Four years after release of Kubernetes 10 it has come a long way

Google Cloud introduces Anthos a hybrid cloud management product based on Kubernetes

Microsofts rebranded Azure Kubernetes Service embraces popular container orchestration technology

Heptio launches its Kubernetes undistribution

Hasura snares 16 M seed for developerfocused Kubernetes solution

As Kubernetes grows a startup ecosystem develops in its wake

Heptio launches an open source load balancer for Kubernetes and OpenStack

Graduation day: Kubernetes hits key milestone as CNCF lays out a cloudnative road map

How Microsofts Brendan Burns is trying to make cloudnative app deployment as easy as coding

Tetrate nets 125 million to bring microservices to the corporate masses

Pulumi releases softwaredevelopment kit to unlock the multicloud potential of Kubernetes

Key cloud computing group launches interoperability certification for Kubernetes

NetApp acquires Seattles StackPointCloud for its multicloud Kubernetes expertise

Googles Urs Hlzle still thinks its cloud revenue will catch its ad revenue but maybe not by 2020