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Subak which incubates dataforclimate notforprofits announces six startups in 2022 cohort

Ava sets the example for universal live captioning and raises 10M to keep building

Accenture announces intent to buy French cloud consulting firm

Eigen nabs 37M to help banks and others parse huge documents using natural language and small data

Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up

UKs Mindtech raises 325M from InQTel among others to train CCTV cameras on synthetic humans

MITs cyberagriculture optimizes basil flavors

Perceptron: AI that sees with sound learns to walk and predicts seismic physics

Voices in AI Episode 112: A Conversation with David Weinberger

Reverie Labs uses new machine learning algorithms to fix drug development bottlenecks

Deliverr raises 7M to help ecommerce businesses compete with Amazon Prime

Kaia Health gets 10M support for AIpowered management of chronic pain

Overhaul which taps AI to secure physical supply chains raises 73M in equity and debt

Petuum secures 93M Series B to push AI into the mainstream

Using AI to improve dentistry VideaHealth gets a 54 million polish

Legaltech startup Orbital Witness scores 33M to create a universal risk rating for real estate

RealityEnginesAI raises 525M seed round to make ML easier for enterprises

48 hours left on earlybird pricing to TC Sessions: Robotics AI 2020

Splunk nabs oncall management startup VictorOps for 120 M

Speech recognition works for kids and its about time

HEXWAVE: Waving Goodbye to Threat of 3D Printed Guns

CVCompiler is an robot that fixes your resume to make you more competitive

HealthatScale lands 16M Series A to bring machine learning to healthcare

Construction tech upstart Assignar adds a Fifth Wall with 20M Series B

AI Startup Ideas

Anoraks Greg Castle on earlystage investing during a crisis

Sama taps into 70M to build first endtoend AI platform for training data

Cortex Labs helps data scientists deploy machine learning models in the cloud

Deepdub raises 20M for AIpowered dubbing that uses actors original voices

Port of Rotterdam Charting a Course to Digitization with 3D Printing IBMs IoT Technologies Digital Twin

The secret to trustworthy data strategy

Twelve Labs makes searching inside videos simple and powerful propelled by 5M seed round

WorldGaze uses smartphone cameras to help voice AIs cut to the chase

Heartex raises 25M for its AIfocused open source data labeling platform

Watch a monkey equipped with Elon Musks Neuralink device play Pong with its brain

Databricks cofounder and CEO Ali Ghodsi is coming to TC Sessions: SaaS

Data scientists engineers: Up your game at iMerit ML DataOps Summit 2021

Wattpad partners with Sony Pictures Television in firstlook deal for original programming

Network with CrunchMatch at TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019

Optimized sensors are key to future of automated vehicles

New Greylock venture partner Mustafa Suleyman is looking for AIs next best thing

3 types of intelligent applications that get investors excited

Reddit acquires contextualization company Spiketrap to boost its ads business

Austinbased EmPaths employee training and reskilling service snags seed funding from B Capital

Original Stitchs new Bodygram will measure your body

Companies and VCs continue to invest in AI despite market slowdown

Daphne Koller: Digital biology is an incredible place to be right now

Activitymonitoring startup Zensors repurposes its tech to help coronavirus response

RankScience closes 18M seed and now only wants to replace human SEO staff if you dont have any

Frame AI raises 63M Series A to help understand customers across channels