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SoftBanks Deepcore and accelerator Zeroth team up to hunt early stage AI opportunities

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Our solar system has met its match as Google AI helps find 8th planet circling Kepler90 star

Andrew Ng officially launches his 175M AI Fund

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Opaque raises 95M seed to secure sensitive data in the cloud

Investor Jocelyn Goldfein to join us on AI panel at TechCrunch Sessions: Enterprise

Meet Justos the new Brazilian insurtech that just got backing from the CEOs of 7 unicorns

Bodoai secures 14M aims to make Python better at handling largescale data

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Hinge dating app will begin using machine learning to make better matches

Strike Graph raises 39M to help automate security audits

The Data Paradox: Why Data Can Be Both an Advantage and a Burden

Resistant AI scores 166M for its antifraud fintech tools

Rahko raises 13M seed from Balderton for quantum machine learning tech

The quantum meltdown of encryption

Google brings in BERT to improve its search results

Zendesk acquires AI automation startup Cleverly to advance customer service

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott sees mindblowing potential for AI the cloud 5G and devices

Vianai emerges with 50M seed and a mission to simplify machine learning tech

Cervest raises 37M for Earth Science AI platform to predict climate effects

Primer helps governments and corporations monitor and understand the worlds information

Amazon launches new tools that allow brands to proactively fight counterfeiting

Swimai raises 11M to bring realtime analytics to the edge

Launched with 17 million by two former Norwest investors Tau Ventures is ready for its closeup

Quix raises 32M from Project A and others for its Stream centric approach to data

MeetFrank nets 11M for its passive job matching chatbot

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Frame AI raises 63M Series A to help understand customers across channels

Battery Ventures leads Arize AIs 19M round for ML observability

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AI proves a dab hand at pure mathematics and protein hallucination