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Finally dark mode arrives to soothe your 3am WhatsApps

Sinemia drops prices for its movie ticket subscriptions which now start a 399 per month

Twitter tests asking iOS users to cut it out with the swearing for Chrissakes

MoviePass CEO backpedals on location tracking and talks strategy to break even by 2019

3D Printing of Yoga Apparel and RD Tax Credits

Fake news threat to democracy report gets backburner response from UK govt

Startups net more than capital with NBA players as investors

Snapchat survey finds that Snapchat makes people happy

What online activists need to know about going viral

Facebooks next product frontier is reportedly newsletters

One of Silicon Valleys most powerful CEOs compares Facebook to cigarettes

Indias most popular services are becoming super apps

Google Chrome update restores your ability to get around paywalls

Sonantic is ready to convince listeners that synthetic voices can cry

Takeaways from F8 and Facebooks next phase

UK immersive music startup MelodyVR acquires Napster from RealNetworks for 70M

Revenge of the nerds: Facebook is developing humanlevel AI to fight bullying

His account might hold the secret to the massive Twitter hack He died two years ago

Instagram will let you livestream for up to 4 hours and archive for a month

A militia group posted a 8216call to arms8217 on Facebook Now two people in Kenosha are dead

Substack announces a 1M initiative to fund local journalists

Social radio startup Stationhead moves beyond live broadcasts

Amazons Prime Video app disappears from the App Store Updated

Hulu announces April release date for The Handmaids Tale

Internal memo: Sports Illustrated publisher Maven blasts mefirst attitude in firing of top soccer journalist Grant Wahl

Industries must adopt ethics along with technology

Viacomowned kids streaming service Noggin acquires educational app Sparkler

Extra Crunch expands into Romania

Media Asset Management Solutions Market Increase the Monetization of the Materials Strikes Growth

Social Media Analytics Market 2018 Global Analysis By Key Players Oracle IBM Adobe Systems Salesforce SAP SE SAS Institute

Twitter to introduce stricter content NSFW guidelines worrying adult content creators

Facebook wanted to offer him a job Here8217s why he publicly turned it down

Automating your social media posts could hurt your startups online presence

Podcasts are coming to Plex followed by web series and other digital media

Escaping Facebook takes more than just deleting your account

WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Media Frenzy Study on Communication During COIVD Episode 71

Mashable reportedly selling to Ziff Davis for about 50 million

Why You Creep on Social Media

Twittercontrolled anal vibrators are the cyberpunk future we need

MasterClass is mastering scale as a media business

Facebook really needs more people to watch Stories in its main app

Twitter Fleets have created a whole new opportunity for reply guys

2017s most shared content on Facebook will definitely not shock or amaze you

Congressman brings bucket of chicken to hearing after Barr doesnt show

Facebook just revealed yet another shady political influence campaign

Spotify alums create Canopy content suggester that wont steal your data

Facebook threatens to block news sharing in Australia as it lobbies against revenue share law

More than paint on a wall: Handson with VR and AR in art museums from Chicago to Seattle

Opal raises 43 million for its digital wellbeing assistant for iPhone

NBA stands to lose billions as China lashes out over tweet supporting Hong Kong