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Could Your Next Headphones Use 3D Printed Metamaterials

Echodyne wins 20M contract for radar systems designed to watch US borders

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The signal is inside the building Pivotal Commware demonstrates 5G wireless link

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Full Program Announced for Julys 2024 Additive International Summit

Stanford Researchers 3D Print Elusive Shapeshifting Structures

Bill Gatesbacked Pivotal Commware raises 10M as it ramps up 5G antennas

Echodyne raises 20M from Bill Gates and others as surveillance radar gains traction

TU Delft Examines Innovative 3D Printable Metamaterials with Applications in Soft Robotics

Echodynes compact steerable radar spots 135M investment and prepares to diversify

How Lumotive will put metamaterials in selfdriving cars with Bill Gates backing

Korean tech conglomerate will invest 30M in Gatesbacked Kymeta antenna venture

Bill Gatesbacked Pivotal Commware raises 10M as it ramps up 5G hardware

3D Printed Chain Mail Flexes and Stiffens on Demand

China: Origami Used to Strengthen 4D Metamaterials Resulting in a Tunable Miuraori Tube

LLNL: Magnetically Responsive Metamaterials Instantly Stiffen 3D Printed Structures

EOSs Digital Foam Webinar: A Breakthrough in Customized 3D Printing

Bill Gates and Nathan Myhrvold invest in new fund to back metamaterials tech startups

Researchers Inspired by Origami to Develop 3D Printing Alternative to Building Lattice Structures

Researchers Demonstrate Wideband Metamaterial Absorber Made of 3D Printed Conductive Plastic

Metalenz PolarEyes upgrades digital sensing with polarized light

Earthquake drill gives Kymetas emergency communication system a shakedown test

Echodyne and Univ of Washington assist DARPA with aerial drone surveillance test

3D Printed Liquid Crystals Open up Opportunities in Medical Sensors

Researchers use computing power to raise the bar for ultrathin metasurface cameras

Simulation Software and 3D Microstructure Skeletons Could Automate Materials Design

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3D Printing Metamaterials Part 2: Nanoprinting