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Seattles new Nordic Museum to hold innovation conference featuring early Spotify investor and other tech leaders

TLDR: Microsoft partners with Indian cricket legend on smart bat

Tech Moves: Former Amazon VP Brad Porter joins Scale AI as CTO Seattle startup Ally adds execs and more

Designer Creates Unique 3D Printed Homeware Collection for Cooper Hewitt Showcase

3D Printed Translucent Faade to Cover Entrance to Deutsches Museum in Munich

Reconstructing Avgi: 3D Technology Gives Us a Portrait of a 9000YearOld Teenager

Reconstructing the Extinct Cave Lion through 3D Printing

3D Printing News Briefs April 18 2021: Dyndrite Carbon KAUST Art Institute of Chicago

Former Browns Running Back Restores Nearly 200YearOld Menorah with 3D Printing

Ambassadors from Norway and Finland forge ties in Seattle offer glimmer of hope on cybersecurity

Ancient Cephalopods Swam Vertically 3D Printed Replicas Reveal

Seattle Art Museums firstever CTO sculpts SAMs technology future on a nonprofit budget

3D Printing Keeps a Head on Dippy the Dinosaurs Shoulders

Moon Direct: Mars maverick lays out his lowcost plan to set up lunar bases

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Open source project led by Sir Tim BernersLee mastering startup pitches and more

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Tech at The Seattle Art Fair blockchain convention and DIY hardware development

Mexican Museum Case Study Looks at the Use of 3D Printing in the Construction Industry

In Seattle exhibition Microsoft AI and mixed reality power immersive look at historic French monastery

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The 10 benefits and policies any modern workplace should have

Tech Moves: Museum of Flights new education leader Avalara vet joins Banzai board and more

Geek on the Street: In Seattle remembering Paul Allen and how he was always there to save the day

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Microsoft Solitaire which debuted on Windows 30 in 1990 inducted into Video Game Hall of Fame

GeekWire Calendar Picks: A pitch contest for teen entrepreneurs SVP looks for startups with social impact and more

Raspberry Pi Foundation picks Seattles Living Computers Museum Labs as one of four US sites for Picademy

Microsoft HoloLens brings 300yearold 3D model to life and offers new view of French landmark

GeekWire Calendar Picks: The history of computers techs role in clean energy policy and more

Norway and Washington state sign innovation pact in Seattle connecting tech and maritime industries

GeekWire Calendar Picks: The women of Atari Minecraft extravaganza and an ethical tech summit

3 Ways to Drive Vital Viral Buzz to Your Franchise

3D Printing News Briefs: August 3 2019

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Celebrating the first man in space and exploring underwater artifacts

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Picturing black holes Cloud City Tech Meetup and classic arcade games

We have Leonardos among us: DaVinci exhibit shows Seattle regions spirit of innovation

Tech Moves: Former Amazon VP Brad Porter joins Scale AI as CTO Seattle startup Allyio adds execs and more

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Innovate 17 targets teen entrepreneurs SVP looks for startups with social impact and more

Tech Moves: PayScales CFO jumps to Amperity NPR hires former Microsoft and Amazon AI leader

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Hacking for NASA celebrating Minecraft and solving a crime

Tech Moves: Former Amazon VP Brad Porter joins Scale AI as CTO UW names new Communication Leadership director and more

Using 3D Technologies to Examine Rare Specimens of the Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

GeekWire Calendar: Full list of event postponements and cancellations in Seattle area

3D Printed Translucent Faade to Envelop Entrance to Deutsches Museum in Munich

3D Printing News Briefs: February 4 2020

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GeekWire Calendar Picks: ACE Comic Con computer trivia and the music of Star Wars

Amazon enlists Prime Air jet in cancer fight aiming to take charitable profile to new heights

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Susan Fowler talks about her book the science of making alcohol and more

3D Printing and 3D Scanning Restore Intricate Artwork to Its Original Beauty