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3D Printing News Briefs: July 10 2018

TLDR: Amazon unveils Alexaenabled microwave

France fines Google 268M for adtech abuses and gets interoperability commitments

Daily Crunch: Australian micromobility startup Zoomo spins up 60M Series B

French VC firm Ring Capital raises 170 million fund

Pardon the Intrusion 28: Your 2FA phone got stolen Now what

Chinese cybersecurity probe validates Didis preIPO warning to investors

Devialets Phantom Reactor turns music into an emotional experience

After Anaplan which SaaS company will private equity target next

Daily Crunch: Black Girls Code conducts review as suspended CEO denies employee allegations

TLDR: Amazons Whole Foods grocery pickup service Magic Leaps mixed reality headset Ofo bike graveyard

Crunch Report The 199 Oculus Go Standalone Headset

Y Combinator DAOs and why I am apparently becoming a fun person

Daily Crunch: Googles first retail location opened today in NYC

BFSI Security Market 2023 Analysis Growth Forecast by Manufacturers Regions Type and Application

How one startup is shaking up the consumer trading boom

Dont drink bleach

3D Printing News Briefs September 26 2020: Nanoscribe Azul 3D Arburg

CFO Naeem Ishaq is leaving Boxed TechCrunch

Agicap raises 100 million for its cashflow management service

Local news app News Break raises 115M

The social life of a vampire bat

Daily Crunch: Citing data storage violations India blocks Mastercard from onboarding new customers

Bootstrapping in 2021 goes a long way

Metaform Ventures LLC USA and other angel investors from India invest INR 5 crore through equity and debt funding in Picostone

Crunch Report MoviePass pulls out of 10 AMC theaters

Daily Crunch: FDA clears Fitbit algorithm that passively scans for signs of AFib

Molotov starts its international expansion with seven African countries

Will fintech unicorn Flywires proposed IPO reach escape velocity

About that vaccine

TLDR: How Europes new privacy law affects US tech companies Getaround expands to Seattle float above Seattle on the Space Needle

Max Q: Sports in space

Pardon the Intrusion 30: Your data is up for sale

Airbnbs pandemic slingshot nears completion

Googles RD division experiments with newsletters powered by Google Drive

GoTos debut shows the global IPO window is not entirely closed

Facebooks stock shrugs off badnews deluge

Chinas changing regulatory environment isnt stopping a venture capital frenzy

Blog Post By Employees Claim That Swiggy Has Lied To Investors Cheated Customers And Partners

Zyl resurfaces old photos to create collaborative stories

Rethinking Databricks valuation amid a changing market

Medium buys Bay Area mag The Bold Italic to add to its paywall

Inside the Trump SPAC deal taking on Twitter Disney CNN and every major tech company

Whats the TAM for paid newsletters

GoBee Bike throws in the towel in France

I kinda dig the Instacart growth plan

Acorns SPAC listing depicts a consumer fintech business with a SaaSy revenue mix

Extra Crunch roundup: Klaviyo EC1 micromobilitys second wave UiPath CFO interview more

Circle is a good example of why SPACs can be useful

3D Printing News Briefs: September 18 2018