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GoJek pulls in 100M more for its massive Series F round

Rainforest QA rakes in 25 million Series B to expand ondemand software testing biz

LetsTransport raises 135M to digitize and improve lastmile logistics in India

Wrenchs ondemand vehicle repair and maintenance service picks up 20 million

The next big restaurant chain may not own any kitchens

Indonesias Kopi Kenangan raises a sweet 20M to expand its coffee business

Starship Technologies CEO Lex Bayer on focus and opportunity in autonomous delivery

Investors are pouring money into Latin Americas logistics and shipping businesses

LetsTransport raises 135M to digitize and improve last mile logistics in India

Latin America is the next stage in the race for dominance in the ridehailing market

Qualcomm launches a cartocloud service for overtheair updates and telemetrics