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Instreamatic which inserts interactive voice ads into audio streams raises 61M Series A round

Adtech told to keep calm and fix its lawfulness problem

8 million Android users tricked into downloading 85 adware apps from Google Play

France fines Google 268M for adtech abuses and gets interoperability commitments

Google asks a judge to dismiss Texas antitrust lawsuit about its ad business

Ad exchange OpenX slapped with FTC fine for collecting location data on children

Privacy experts slam UKs disastrous failure to tackle unlawful adtech

Use accelerated retargeting to increase conversions

Targeted ads offer little extra value for online publishers study suggests

UK asks competition watchdog to put adtech market review top of its todo list

Report spotlights vast scale of adtechs biggest data breach

Adtech giant Criteo faces 65M fine in France for GDPR consent breaches

In a postcookie world RTB is key to effective digital marketing

Behavioural advertising is out of control warns UK watchdog

Branch pairs up with TUNE to create a supersized marketing and measurement platform

Google ads to get more transparent by offering access to advertisers recent history

TV advertising didnt die it just moved online

Sendlane raises 20M to convert shoppers into loyal customers

Google and Facebook must pay media for content reuse says Australia

Growth marketing experts survey: How would you spend a 75000 budget in summer 2022

GDPR adtech complaints keep stacking up in Europe

Banning digital political ads gives extremists a distinct advantage

Most EU cookie consent notices are meaningless or manipulative study finds

Twitter fesses up to more adtech leaks

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Data from Dutch public broadcaster shows the value of ditching creepy ads

How should B2B startups think about growth Not like B2C

Cookie walls dont comply with GDPR says Dutch DPA

Give users genuine control over ad targeting MEPs urged

Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Google Amazon and Facebook

IAB Europe says its expecting to be found in breach of GDPR

Use data from Q5 to boost mobile app growth for the entire year

Unilever warns social media to clean up toxic content

German antitrust office starts asking questions about online ad platform giants

EUs data protection advisor latest to call for ban on tracking ads

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SiriusXM figures out how to track audiences across its apps including Pandora and Stitcher

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EU is now investigating Googles adtech over antitrust concerns

Valued at 50M Body404 wants to bring Chinese indie brands to the world

UK opts for slow reboot of Big Tech rules pushes ahead on privacy reforms

Adtech data breach GDPR complaint is headed to court in EU

How to get people to open your emails

UK expands Online Safety Bill to cover scam ads and eyes wider reforms

UK privacy watchdog warns adtech the end of tracking is nigh

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Sensitive data ruling by Europes top court could force broad privacy reboot

Googles new user controls let you limit ads about weight loss parenting and more

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