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DeepCode gets 4M to feed its AIpowered code review tool

Explosion snags 6M on 120M valuation to expand machine learning platform

Databricks spent 10M on new DBRX generative AI model

10 IP and commercial contract loose ends to tie up before you approach investors

Jetpackio helps developers focus on applications instead of infrastructure

Penpot inks 8M as signups for its open source spin on Figma jump 5600 after Adobes 20B acquisition move

If the ad industry is serious about transparency lets opensource our SDKs

As Kubernetes grows a startup ecosystem develops in its wake

Microsoft to share earlystage server hardware designs in unprecedented opensource initiative

xs:code launches subscription platform to monetize open source projects

Stability AI gets into the videogenerating game

HackerOne CEO Mrten Mickos: COVID19 is the planets warning to accelerate digital civilization

HashiCorp to offer managed versions of its developer tools starting with Consul

HPE acquires cloud native security startup Scytale

4 basic elements required for running production OSS smoothly

Open Source Advocate Dr Joshua Pearce Publishes Paper on Inexpensive GMAW Metal 3D Printing

Snyk snares 7 million Series A to help developers deliver open source components securely

Ariga is helping developers define database schema as code

WASP Makes 3D Orthotics Modeling Accessible with Free Blender AddOn

AtomicJar opens public beta of Testcontainers Cloud cloud version of open source testing tool

A group behind Stable Diffusion wants to open source emotiondetecting AI

WireMock lands 65M to help developers build and test on mock APIs

DataStax proves its still possible to raise ninefigures at higher valuation in 2022

The eternal struggle between open source and proprietary software

Meta taps Hugging Face for startup accelerator to spur adoption of open source AI models

Google Cloud makes a big opensource move: Managed databases from Redis Labs MongoDB and Elastic coming soon

Open Source Robotic Indoor Airship with 3D Printed Frame

MergeStat channels open source and SQL to bring operational analytics to software engineering

Struggling database company MariaDB could be taken private in 37M deal

Databricks raises 1B at 28B valuation as it reaches 425M ARR

A revival at the intersection of open source and open standards

Linux Foundation Europe launches the OpenWallet Foundation to power interoperable digital wallets

Mirantis acquires Lens an IDE for Kubernetes

Theres nothing Automattic about balancing commercial growth with an open source developer community

Kadena fulfills hybrid blockchain vision with launch of public chain

Drupals journey from dormroom project to billiondollar exit

Alteryx acquires machine learning startup Feature Labs

The challenges of truly embracing cloud native

New York Genome Center Researchers Create LowCost Open Source 3D Printed Device for SingleCell Analysis

Inexpensive 3D Printed Membrane Feeder Aids in Malaria Studies

Datameer announces 40M investment as it pivots away from Hadoop roots

This open source tool used by Google Meta and MIT is helping rethink knowledge management

Four years after its release Kubernetes has come a long way

ProjectDiscovery raises 25M to launch a cloud version of its threatscanning platform

Pearces Latest Open Source 3D Printer Handles PEKK PEI for Less than 1000

TinyML is giving hardware new life

Meta Microsoft AWS and TomTom launch the Overture Maps Foundation to develop interoperable open map data

Earthly wants to reinvent continuous integration to make it faster and cheaper

From the creator of Homebrew Tea raises 89M to build a protocol that helps open source developers get paid

European parliament votes for controversial copyright reform yes again