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As Kubernetes surged in popularity in 2017 it created a vibrant ecosystem

H2Oai announces 725M Series D led by Goldman Sachs

Robocorp announces 56M seed to bring opensource option to RPA

Merico raises 41M for its developer analytics platform

Four years after release of Kubernetes 10 it has come a long way

Soloio announces service mesh platform aimed at enterprise customers

QuestDB nabs 23M seed to build open source time series database

Chef unveils new commercial product strategy will now sell distributions of its opensource projects

Researchers Develop Dense Facial Tissue Depth Mapping Method for 3D Data Point Collection

China is building a GitHub alternative called Gitee

Why it might be time for Big Cloud to share the wealth with opensource startups

Red Hat acquires CoreOS for 250 million in Kubernetes expansion

With MapR fire sale Hadoops promise has fallen on hard times

Tangle EE project joins Eclipse Foundation to bring distributed ledger apps to enterprise

Researchers Build Inexpensive Open Source Bioprinter for 3D Printing Branching HydrogelBased Vascular Constructs

Answering its critics Google loosens reins on AMP project

The challenges of truly embracing cloud native

3D Printing and COVID19 April 28 2020 Update

Soloio wants to bring order to service meshes with centralized management hub

Gretel announces 12M Series A to make it easier to anonymize data

Using Machine Vision to Automate Nozzle Alignment for Multitool 3D Printers

Michigan Tech Researchers Publish Paper on New Recyclebot 3D Printer

Snyk grabs 70M more to detect security vulnerabilities in open source code and containers

BCN3D Technologies Releases Open Source Files for Sigmax 3D Printer

Cockroach Labs scores 866M Series D as scalable database resonates

Designer Uses Sustainable 3D Printing in Recent Exhibition Blurring the Lines Between Fashion and Art

Why Oath keeps Tumblring

Educators Could Save 450000 Yearly with Opensource 3D Printing

Uppgradera: Creative Collection of Open Source 3D Printed IKEA Hacks

Kadena fulfills hybrid blockchain vision with launch of public chain

Tigera raises 10M to help enterprises secure their cloud native applications

Openbase scores 36M seed to help developers find open source components

Making sense of a multicloud hybrid world at KubeCon

IBM is moving OpenPower Foundation to The Linux Foundation

Hasura snares 16 M seed for developerfocused Kubernetes solution

Tozny introduces encrypted identity tool as part of security service platform

Open Source Grinding Machine Cuts Cost of Pellet 3D Printing

Open Source DIY Telescope Prime Features Raspberry Pi and 3D Printed Parts

Where top VCs are investing in open source and dev tools Part 2 of 2

Cockroach Labs launches CockroachDB as managed service

Zilliz raises 43 million as investors rush to Chinas opensource software

This open source farming technology aims to combat climate change via soil health 8211 Good Algorithms

Mozilla goes full incubator with Fix The Internet startup lab and earlystage investments

17000 Cost Reduction with Open Source 3D Printing: Michigan Tech Study Showcases Parametric 3D Printed Slot Die System

Robot Builds IKEA Furniture Using 3D Camera Grippers and Force Sensors

Mirantis acquires Lens an IDE for Kubernetes

The Maker Movement Unmade Part 6: The Community Responds Continued

Ultimaker Raise3D UnionTech Showcase New ProblemSolving 3D Printers at RAPID TCT

Streamlit launches open source machine learning application development framework

Stacklet launches cloud governance platform with 44M seed investment